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Kiwior Staying Put as Arsenal Scout Ajax’s Hato

Arsenal’s Strategic Moves: Kiwior and Hato on the Radar

In a compelling piece by Simon Collings for the Standard, the spotlight turns to Arsenal’s defensive strategies and their summer transfer targets, offering a glimpse into the club’s future moves and current standing. As the Gunners navigate through a season marred by defensive injuries, their resilience and planning come to the fore.

Kiwior’s Rising Stock

Jakub Kiwior, Arsenal’s versatile defender, has caught the eye of several Serie A giants, including AC Milan. Despite interest in January, Arsenal stood firm, not willing to deplete their ranks amidst a challenging season. Collings notes, “Milan were among several Serie A sides to express an interest in Kiwior in January but Arsenal made it clear the defender was not for sale.” This decision underscores Arsenal’s valuation of Kiwior, especially crucial during a period fraught with injuries.

Interest Renewal Expected

The interest from Italy is anticipated to rekindle come summer, with clubs poised to test Arsenal’s resolve once again. Kiwior’s adaptability has been a boon for the Gunners, featuring more prominently as the season progresses. His performance in the recent 3-1 victory against Liverpool highlighted his growing importance to the team.

Eye on the Future: Jorrel Hato


Arsenal’s gaze isn’t solely fixed on retaining talent; they’re also scouting for fresh blood. Ajax’s Jorrel Hato emerges as a potential target, mirroring Kiwior’s versatility. This pursuit indicates Arsenal’s proactive approach to squad development, ensuring depth and flexibility across the board.

Kiwior’s Commitment to Arsenal

Since his arrival from Spezia, Kiwior has seamlessly integrated into the Arsenal setup, showcasing his linguistic and positional adaptability. His commitment is palpable, with Collings quoting him: “It’s true it was a challenge for me at the start, but I wanted to take that challenge because I want to play for a big club like this.” This dedication not only endears him to the fans but also cements his place as a pivotal figure in Arsenal’s defensive lineup.

Arsenal’s strategic foresight in both retaining Jakub Kiwior and eyeing Jorrel Hato reflects a blend of immediate needs and future aspirations. As they navigate the remainder of the season and look ahead, their actions in the transfer market will be crucial in shaping the team’s trajectory. Simon Collings’ analysis offers an insightful peek into these developments, underscoring the dynamic nature of football transfers and team strategy.

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