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Summer Series Out, U.S. In: Premier League’s New Strategy

Premier League’s 2024 Summer Series Tour: A Missed Opportunity?

Strategic Shift to the U.S. Market

In a surprising turn of events, the Premier League has decided to cancel its much-anticipated 2024 Summer Series tour. Adam Crafton of The Athletic reveals, “The Premier League has decided to ditch the Summer Series tour scheduled to take place later this year.” This decision underscores a significant shift in strategy for England’s top football clubs.

Market Congestion and the U.S. Advantage

Crafton notes, “Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool are set to play one another in the United States this summer, which The Athletic reported in January.” The rationale behind this move is compelling. With the looming market congestion due to the FIFA Club World Cup and the men’s World Cup in 2025 and 2026, top clubs in England are now prioritising the U.S. market. This tactical pivot aims to capitalise on the growing American fanbase and the less crowded sporting calendar in the U.S.

Clubs’ Battle for Broadcast Rights

The decision to cancel the Summer Series also sheds light on an ongoing internal dispute within the Premier League. “England’s top flight centrally wishes to package a collective broadcast deal for showing the fixtures,” reports Crafton. However, this clashes with the interests of several clubs that prefer to negotiate independent deals, eyeing more lucrative match fees and subscription revenue from their platforms.

The Commercial Impact and Future Considerations

The Summer Series has been more than just a series of friendly matches; it’s a crucial part of the Premier League’s global expansion strategy. Last year’s series in the U.S. exceeded internal targets with over 260,000 attending. However, this summer’s sports calendar, packed with Copa America and the Olympic Games, has forced a re-evaluation.

With Tottenham Hotspur opting for an Asian tour, the Premier League faces a dilemma. Asia’s challenging conditions – from subpar pitches to unpredictable weather – have made it a less attractive option. This leaves the U.S. as the primary focus, a market where clubs like Arsenal boast a stronger presence than even the number of states in the country.

Conclusion: A Missed but Necessary Pause

The cancellation of the 2024 Summer Series may seem like a setback, but it could be a strategic pause. It allows the Premier League to recalibrate its approach to international expansion and resolve internal conflicts over broadcast rights. As clubs like Chelsea and Manchester City plan U.S. tours, it’s clear that the American market remains a pivotal battleground for English football’s elite.

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