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Gunners Join Race for Portuguese Star – Rating the Rumour

Wolves Winger Add an Extra Dimension to Arsenal?

Welcome back to Rating the Rumour, which does exactly what it says on the tin. We’ll be taking the biggest transfer rumours related to Premier League teams and rating the likelihood of the moves coming to fruition.

The final rating will be decided based on the potential fit of the player into the rumoured buying club, the need for that club to sign a player for the position played, whether the player is of the level required by the club, whether the club could afford the rumoured price and whether or not the player is even likely to be available for transfer.

We will not factor in the reliability of the rumour, as it would likely cause mass amounts of crying from outlets, journalists and “journalists” who would have to be denounced as spoofers.

With the ground rules laid out, let’s look at Pedro Neto to Arsenal, which has been reported by the Standard.


Neto’s ability to play either wing makes him a simple fit for Arsenal as he has the playmaking ability to replace Bukayo Saka on the right, while also possessing the speed and directness to replicate much of what Gabriel Martinelli offers on the left.

His technical level is very high and would also fit well with Arsenal.

Fit Rating – 2/2


Arsenal need depth on the right wing, but Pedro Neto is not a depth player. Neto is a starter and will cost starter money. Arsenal do not need for another starting winger given the talent and age of Saka and Martinelli.

Need Rating – 1/2


Neto has proven himself to be one of the best wingers in the Premier League, a player with exceptional pace, dribbling and delivery. This season he has three goals and ten assists in just over 1400 minutes between the Premier League and FA Cup. That level of productivity, especially the creative side, is rare in the Premier League for a player playing for a bottom-half club.

There seems little doubt that Neto could scale those numbers up even further if surrounded by better players and playing in a team that averages a higher percentage of possession.

Level Rating – 2/2


The report from The Standard suggests an asking price of £60mil has been set for Neto. That’s fair value given his age, ability and productivity. He has had some injuries that might be of concern, but the two major injuries he’s had have both been impact injuries and thus not reason for concern.

The issue for Arsenal is that they, like Wolves, are starting to feel the crunch of the Premier League’s profit and sustainability rules. After spending well in excess of £600mil over the past three years they are being forced to tighten their belts.

Can the Gunners afford to spend £60mil on a player who likely doesn’t start for them, barring a reshuffle? Can they afford to spend £60mil on any player? The first seems unlikely, the second is unknown.

Affordability Rating – 0/2

For Sale?

Wolves don’t want to sell Neto, that much is clear. That might not mean he stays at Molineux though given their financial situation and the fact that Neto probably wants to test himself at a higher level, playing for a Champions League club.

If the right offer comes in, he can probably be pried away.

Availability Rating – 1/2

Final Rating

Overall this rumour rates out as a 6/10. You can see the logic behind such a link but the cost, as well as Arsenal already having their locked-in starting wide players make this one seem unlikely to come to fruition.

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