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Calvert-Lewin’s Goal Drought: Everton’s Crucial Challenge

Dominic Calvert-Lewin’s Struggle for Goals: A Deeper Look into Everton’s Plight

In the realm of football, few stories resonate with the tension and drama of a striker caught in the throes of a goal drought. Such is the tale of Dominic Calvert-Lewin, whose current predicament encapsulates not just his personal battle but the broader fortunes of Everton Football Club. In a detailed analysis by Patrick Boyland for The Athletic, the intricate layers of Calvert-Lewin’s challenges and their implications for Everton are meticulously unpacked.

Season of Redemption Turned Struggle

Dominic Calvert-Lewin’s journey through the most arduous phase of his career, marked by an injury-riddled 2021-22 season, seemed to find its redemption in a crucial match against Crystal Palace. A late diving header that guaranteed Everton’s stay in the top flight appeared to herald the end of his struggles. Yet, the reprieve was temporary, as the following season has seen Calvert-Lewin and Everton embroiled in a familiar narrative of struggle. Despite being fitter and stronger, Calvert-Lewin’s expected goals per 90 minutes this season are at a career-high, yet his actual goal tally tells a starkly different story—an 18-game goalless streak that is the longest of his career.

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Analysing the Goal Drought

The reasons behind Calvert-Lewin’s goal drought are multifaceted. Historically, his performance has slightly underperformed against his expected goals (xG), a trend that has only widened in the last couple of seasons. This discrepancy could be attributed to a mix of poor finishing, unfortunate luck, and perhaps the tactical setup under manager Sean Dyche. Despite finding himself in scoring positions with high xG values, Calvert-Lewin’s final touch has been lacking, as evidenced by his significant underperformance in expected goals on target (xGOT).

Everton’s Tactical Conundrum

The role of Everton’s tactical approach under Dyche in Calvert-Lewin’s drought cannot be understated. The team’s reliance on aerial balls and pressing gameplay has often left their main striker isolated, with few quality touches. This contrasts sharply with Calvert-Lewin’s most productive period under Carlo Ancelotti, where he thrived by staying within the penalty box’s width. The current strategy not only limits his chances but also underscores a critical need for Everton to adapt their play to their striker’s strengths.

Path Forward

Despite the mounting pressure, the belief within Everton’s camp remains strong. Teammates and management alike are vocal in their support, emphasising the collective responsibility in creating and converting chances. The underlying sentiment is one of optimism; the goals will come if Calvert-Lewin continues to find himself in scoring positions. This faith is crucial not just for the striker’s confidence but also for Everton’s aspirations this season.

In summary, Dominic Calvert-Lewin’s plight is emblematic of a larger narrative within Everton—a team grappling with the challenges of consistency, strategy, and the weight of expectations. As detailed by Patrick Boyland in The Athletic, the resolution of this saga could very well dictate the club’s fortunes. The journey ahead is fraught with challenges, but the resolve within Goodison Park remains unshaken. In the world of football, after all, fortunes can change as swiftly as the direction of a well-struck ball.

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