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Gary Neville Discusses United’s Ratcliffe Era and the Glazers

Manchester United, Gary Neville, and the Glazers: A Turning Point?

In a conversation with Dave Jones on Sky Sports Premier League, Gary Neville looks into the issues plaguing Manchester United. Neville pinpoints the Glazers’ ownership and the club’s operational missteps as pivotal factors in their recent turmoil. This discussion, highlighted in the podcast, sheds light on the much-needed shift towards normality. This could certainly be achieved under the new management structure initiated by Jim Ratcliffe.

United’s Operational Flaws Uncovered

Neville critically points out, “every Manchester United manager has operated without a CEO that’s been in a football club before, without a sporting director, without a head of recruitment. It’s madness.” This lack of experienced leadership at the helm for over a decade exemplifies a glaring oversight in the club’s pursuit of success. The arrival of a CEO and football director experienced in the footballing world is seen as a long-overdue yet fundamental change, one that has coincided with a renewed energy and optimism around Old Trafford.

United’s Ratcliffe Era Begins

The turning point for Manchester United’s fortunes, according to Neville, seems to align with Jim Ratcliffe’s entrance. Reflecting on the second half against Aston Villa, he recalls, “United were breath taken and that was Jim Ratcliffe’s first game.” Ratcliffe’s impact is seen in the performance on the pitch and in the broader shift towards accountability within the club.

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Glazers’ Neglect and Loyalty

Discussing the Glazers’ tenure, Neville suggests a mix of negligence and misplaced loyalty as key factors in the club’s stagnation. “What the Glazers have done is they’ve just literally shown blind loyalty to people who’ve been really good to them over a long period of time at the club,” Neville states. This loyalty, especially to figures like Ed Woodward, led to a decade of mismanagement.

Importance of Structural Change

Neville’s conversation underscores the crucial need for structural change within Manchester United. The appointment of experienced personnel in key management positions is a necessary step to navigate out of its struggles. The discussion between Neville and Jones brings a glimmer of hope to fans over the club’s return to glory.

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