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Harry Redknapp: Team of the Week Premier Picks

A Look at Harry Redknapp’s Premier League Team of the Week

Former Premier League manager Harry Redknapp’s collaboration with BetVictor brings us yet another fascinating breakdown of the week’s top performers. His keen eye for talent and strategy is what sets his Team of the Week apart, providing a unique insight into the makings of football brilliance.

Between the Posts: Kelleher’s Commanding Presence

In a compelling nod to the goalkeeping prowess on display, Redknapp has spotlighted Caoimhin Kelleher’s sterling performance against Brentford. “He was outstanding,” Redknapp notes, acknowledging Kelleher’s rising stock at Liverpool. The young goalkeeper’s form has sparked debates over the national team’s starting spot, and Redknapp’s endorsement adds substantial weight to the conversation.

Defending Like Legends: Disasi’s Authoritative Display

Redknapp’s acumen shines through his assessment of Axel Disasi’s performance, reminiscent of the great John Terry. “His brave performance against Manchester City gave me shades of John Terry,” Redknapp remarked, highlighting Disasi’s commanding display at the back. This comparison to one of football’s defensive stalwarts underscores Disasi’s potential and influence on the pitch.

Midfield Mastery: Odegaard the Conductor

The praise for Martin Odegaard’s midfield wizardry is effusive, with Redknapp placing him among the world’s best. “A goal, an assist and yet another world-class performance. He has to be one of the best midfielders in the world at the moment,” says Redknapp, encapsulating the Norwegian’s influential role in Arsenal’s dynamism.

Attacking Flair: Watkins and Højlund Lead the Line

Ollie Watkins’s technical finesse and Rasmus Højlund’s youthful exuberance have not escaped Redknapp’s attention. Watkins, with “18 in all competitions,” and Højlund, lauded as the “youngest player to score in six consecutive Premier League games,” are both hailed for their match-winning impacts. Redknapp’s commendations here highlight not just their current form but their integral roles in their teams’ campaigns.

Consistent Performers and Standout Talents

From Bukayo Saka’s goal-scoring spree to João Gomes’s cool finishes, Redknapp has cast a spotlight on the week’s standout talents. “The lad’s on fire,” he says of Saka, capturing the essence of a player at the peak of his powers. The inclusion of players like Simon Adingra and Danilo underscores the depth and diversity of skill that defines Redknapp’s weekly picks.

Redknapp’s Rundown: A Premier League Narrative

Through Redknapp’s lens, we see a narrative of the Premier League week that goes beyond the pitch. His quotes are not just comments; they are the threads that stitch together the fabric of the game’s ongoing story. The players, through their performances, embody the chapters of this unfolding saga, and Redknapp’s analysis with BetVictor is the guide that makes sense of it all.

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