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Alan Smith Backs Leicester for Promising Premier League Return

Alan Smith Shares Insight on Leicester City’s Impressive March Back to the Premier League

In the ever-competitive world of football, few stories capture the imagination quite like Leicester City’s commanding march towards promotion back to the Premier League. With an approach that has been both impressive and transformative, the Foxes have showcased a level of play that belies their Championship status. We had the pleasure of a recent discussion with former Leicester City and Arsenal striker Alan Smith about the Foxes’ expected return to the top-flight.

Transforming Leicester’s Play Style

Under Enzo Maresca’s guidance, Leicester have undergone a significant transformation. Gone are the days of direct, breakneck football aimed at exploiting Jamie Vardy’s pace. In its place, a more nuanced, possession-based style has emerged. “It has been extremely impressive,” remarks Alan Smith. “It’s Maresca’s debut season so to do what he has done in such a competitive league is incredible.”

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“The way he has changed their style from direct up to Jamie Vardy to a possession style-of-play is remarkable. I’d love to see Maresca in the Premier League.” This shift not only signifies a tactical evolution but also a broader change in philosophy. Leicester’s adaptability underlines their ambition, not just to return to the Premier League, but to remain there as a competitive force.

Preparing for the Premier League

With promotion appearing more a matter of ‘when’ than ‘if’, the focus inevitably shifts towards Leicester’s preparation for the top flight. As Smith suggests, the need for squad depth cannot be overstated. “When they get promoted they need to add to the squad,” he states, acknowledging past Financial Fair Play (FFP) issues that have hampered Leicester’s ability to strengthen. The sales of key players like Wesley Fofana have been necessary evils, but the upcoming season will require a more fortified squad to avoid the pitfalls that have troubled promoted teams in the past.

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Future Challenges

While the excitement of promotion is palpable, the challenges of the Premier League are formidable. Leicester’s transformation under Maresca has been remarkable, but the top flight is unforgiving. The need for strategic squad enhancement is clear. “They had Financial Fair Play problems before which meant they came to a grinding halt,” Smith notes, highlighting the financial balancing act Leicester must navigate.

The recruitment strategy in the coming months will be crucial. Maresca’s tactical nous has brought Leicester to the brink of promotion, but it is astute signings that will determine their Premier League fate.

Leicester City’s New Era

As Leicester City stand on the precipice of a Premier League return, the narrative is not just about promotion but about rebirth. Maresca has instilled a belief and a style of play that has the potential to make Leicester more than just survivors in the top flight. The journey ahead is fraught with challenges, but the foundation laid this season offers a blueprint for success.

In reflecting on Leicester’s impressive season, it’s clear that the real work begins now. Adaptation, both tactical and personnel-wise, will be key. As Alan Smith rightly points out, Leicester’s story this season is one of impressive transformation and strategic foresight. The task ahead is to ensure that this is just the beginning of Leicester’s next great chapter in the Premier League.

Alan Smith spoke to Ben Pescod for EPL Index courtesy of NewBettingOffers.co.uk

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