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Arsenal Legend Shares Insight on Premier League Title Race

Alan Smith Talks Premier League Title Race, Mohamed Salah and More

As the Premier League season edges closer to its climax, the title race has transformed into a captivating saga. With Arsenal, Liverpool, and Manchester City each laying claim to the coveted trophy, fans and pundits alike are watching eagerly. We recently discussed the title race with former Arsenal forward Alan Smith, who backs his former side to lift the trophy in May.

Arsenal’s Surprising Resilience

Arsenal’s journey this season has been nothing short of remarkable. Defying expectations, they have shown a level of consistency and defensive solidity that has not been seen in recent years. When asked who would be triumphant in the title race, Smith confidently backs his former side. “Arsenal- perhaps is my heart talking more than my head, but They are capable. They’re in a better place than last season and they’ve really impressed me defensively,” notes Smith.


Smith also placed emphasis on the importance of keeping key players like Rice, Saka, Odegaard, and Martinelli fit. This will go a long way in ensuring that the blend of youth and experience that has fuelled their campaign remains the same. Ultimately, Arsenal’s resilience and improved defensive displays indeed make them formidable contenders for the title.

Hurdles Ahead

However, Smith points out one key hurdle that remains in the way of Arsenal’s Premier League glory. When asked what could possibly stop Arsenal, Smith had a simple but logical answer, “City and Liverpool, they’re both ahead of Arsenal. If Arsenal can win at City, that would be a huge statement,” Smith acknowledged.

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Smith also points out that Arsenal’s ability to secure wins away against their direct rivals remains a litmus test for their title credentials. The former Arsenal forward points this out, saying: “They’ve already overcome a huge hurdle in beating Liverpool and City at the Emirates, but they haven’t managed the same on their travels yet.” Overcoming such hurdles is pivotal for Arsenal to demonstrate their readiness to conquer English football once again.

Forwards of Fantasy

When it comes to being a successful striker in the top flight of English football, there’s few who know more than Alan Smith. We quizzed Smith on which current Premier League forwards he would’ve loved to lineup alongside, to which he answered…

“Someone like Mo Salah. Although he gets so many goals, his passing is beautiful and he’s a much less single-minded player in front of goal nowadays.” Smith continued, “There’s also the likes of Bukayo Saka and Martin Odegaard and so many other creative talents at the moment.” The evolution of forwards from goal-scorers to comprehensive attackers adds another layer of intrigue to the title race. Players like Salah, Saka and Odegaard embody the modern forward – versatile, creative, and deadly in front of goal.

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Final Thoughts

As we approach the business end of the season, the question of who will lift the trophy in May remains tantalizingly open. Arsenal’s blend of youth and experience, coupled with tactical nous, presents a compelling case. Yet, the proven pedigree of Manchester City and Liverpool’s relentless pursuit cannot be discounted. The title race is set to go down to the wire, offering a thrilling spectacle for fans worldwide.

Alan Smith spoke to Ben Pescod for EPL Index courtesy of NewBettingOffers.co.uk

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