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Glasner Honors Hodgson as He Takes Crystal Palace Helm

Oliver Glasner: A Fresh Start at Crystal Palace with Respect for Roy Hodgson’s Legacy

In the dynamic world of football, the torch has been passed at Crystal Palace, with Oliver Glasner stepping into the managerial spotlight, bringing a blend of enthusiasm and reverence for his predecessor, Roy Hodgson. As Glasner embarks on his journey with the Eagles, the spectre of his brush with mortality lends a poignant backdrop to his aspirations and respect for Hodgson.

Embracing the Challenge with a Personal Touch

Glasner’s arrival at Crystal Palace marks a new chapter for the club, following the departure of Roy Hodgson, who left his role due to health concerns. The Austrian manager’s initiation comes against Burnley in a crucial match, yet his thoughts linger warmly on Hodgson’s well-being. “I had a 19-year career and for 18 years I played for the same club, [SV] Ried,” Glasner shared, recounting his harrowing experience with a life-threatening brain injury. This personal ordeal underscores his empathetic connection to Hodgson’s recent health scare, emphasising that, above all, health is our most precious asset.

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Future Dialogues with a Respected Figure

Glasner is not just looking forward to steering Crystal Palace to success; he’s also keen on drawing from Hodgson’s vast reservoir of knowledge and experience. “He is a fantastic manager who I got to know when he was England national team coach…He came to Vienna to talk to us and is a great personality and a fantastic manager who I have a lot of respect for. I hope that I can talk to him, because I can also learn a lot from his experience,” Glasner stated, highlighting the blend of admiration and aspiration that fuels his approach.

Courage in the Face of Adversity

The new Crystal Palace boss is undaunted by the challenges that lie ahead, or the spectre of the fates met by his predecessors. Glasner’s resolve is clear: “If I [was] afraid to be sacked in four games, I wouldn’t have come to London.” This statement not only showcases his bravery but also his commitment to bringing success to Selhurst Park, buoyed by a belief in his tactical approach and a desire to make an immediate impact.

Vision for Entertaining Football

Glasner’s philosophy revolves around an attacking style of play, aiming to captivate fans with dynamic and engaging football. “The fans like to have this attacking [football]. We will try to implement this,” he explained, setting the stage for a transformation in how Crystal Palace approaches its game. This commitment to an attractive style of play, coupled with a strategic and patient implementation of his ideas, signals exciting times ahead for the Eagles’ faithful.

In assuming the mantle at Crystal Palace, Oliver Glasner brings not just tactical acumen but a deep-seated appreciation for the human element of the game, as evidenced by his concern for Hodgson and his own near-miss with tragedy. As the Eagles prepare to soar under Glasner’s guidance, the blend of respect for the past and excitement for the future promises a thrilling chapter in the club’s storied history.

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