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Frank Leboeuf Questions Chelsea’s Pursuit of Profit

Chelsea’s Future: Money Over Mastery?

In a candid revelation to BetVictor, former Chelsea defender Frank Leboeuf has sparked a heated debate by suggesting that Chelsea’s current owners are prioritizing financial gain over footballing success. This strategy, according to Leboeuf, played a significant role in Chelsea’s recent Carabao Cup final defeat and raises questions about the club’s direction and future ambitions.

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Prioritizing Profit Over Performance

Leboeuf’s observations point to a concerning trend at Chelsea, where the acquisition of young, promising talent on long contracts seems to be a strategy more aligned with financial speculation than building a team capable of winning now. “I don’t understand what the owners at the club are doing,” Leboeuf lamented to BetVictor. He highlighted the club’s decision to let go of players like James Maddison and James Ward-Prowse, who have since proven their worth elsewhere, as baffling given their relatively low transfer fees and significant contributions to their new teams.

A Missed Final: Symptoms of a Deeper Issue

The Carabao Cup final loss to Liverpool is dissected by Leboeuf into three main factors: luck, missed opportunities, and a glaring lack of experienced players. Particularly, he criticised the club’s decision-making in the summer transfer window, which left the team without critical experience in key positions. “They lacked someone in that number ten position who could change something – and this a result of the owners’ decisions in the summer,” Leboeuf explained.

Managerial Merry-go-round: A Path to Nowhere

Amidst rumors of Mauricio Pochettino’s precarious position as Chelsea’s manager, Leboeuf argues that dismissing him would be a step in the wrong direction. He believes that the issues at Chelsea run deeper than the manager’s tactics or leadership. “Chelsea have changed the coach because of poor results for a few years now, but the fact is that they don’t have the players to produce results right now,” he asserted. Pochettino’s potential departure, in his view, would exacerbate the instability without addressing the underlying lack of a cohesive, quality squad.

Time’s Up for Thiago Silva?

The discussion also turned to the future of Thiago Silva at Chelsea. Despite his absence in the Carabao Cup final, Leboeuf questions whether his presence would have altered the outcome, suggesting that it might be time for the 39-year-old defender to move on. “I think the Chelsea defenders have done enough, especially against Manchester City, to prove that they can cope without Thiago Silva,” Leboeuf remarked, acknowledging the inevitable end of an era for players at the club.

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