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Mark Goldbridge: Bruno Decision Ahead of Manchester Derby

Man United’s Tactical Shift: Insights from Mark Goldbridge

Embracing the Underdog Status

In a recent episode of That’s Entertainment, Mark Goldbridge shared his thoughts on Manchester United’s tactical approach under Erik ten Hag, particularly focusing on a much-anticipated clash against Manchester City. Despite acknowledging United’s position as “massive underdogs” due to an “injury crisis,” Goldbridge’s analysis painted a picture of a team ready to embrace this challenge. “We know we’re going there as massive underdogs,” he stated, highlighting the resilience and strategic planning going into the game.

The Absence and Presence of Bruno Fernandes

An interesting point Goldbridge made was about Bruno Fernandes’ absence from the initial lineup discussed. “That team’s got no Bruno in it,” he noted, sparking surprise given Fernandes’ pivotal role in the squad. However, he clarified, “It will have Bruno in it,” emphasising the strategic decision-making rather than a genuine omission. This led to an intriguing discussion on midfield dynamics, where he argued for a midfield three that’s “more intelligent” in certain game contexts, pointing out the need for compactness and defensive solidity over individual brilliance.

Rashford’s Role and United’s Counter-Attack Strategy

Goldbridge suggested utilising Marcus Rashford’s speed as a key component of United’s game plan against City. “Rashford has to play in this game,” he insisted, advocating for a tactical setup that leverages Rashford’s pace for counter-attacks while minimising his defensive duties. This approach underscores a broader tactical insight: the necessity of adapting player roles to exploit specific opposition weaknesses.

The Dilemma of Midfield Composition

A significant part of the discussion revolved around the midfield configuration, especially concerning Fernandes. “Bruno is better than Mainoo,” Goldbridge conceded, referring to the comparison between Fernandes and other midfield options. Yet, he raised a critical tactical question: whether the inclusion of Fernandes in midfield makes United “weaker defensively.” This dilemma reflects the nuanced balance between offensive creativity and defensive stability, particularly in high-stakes matches.

Leadership, Energy, and Tactical Flexibility

Goldbridge also touched on the leadership and energy Fernandes brings to the team, despite the tactical conundrums his presence might pose. “Bruno is important for the leadership and energy,” he acknowledged, underlining the multifaceted contribution of players beyond mere positional play. This perspective highlights the importance of intangible qualities in football, such as leadership and morale, which can be crucial in challenging fixtures.


Mark Goldbridge’s analysis on That’s Entertainment offered a deep dive into Manchester United’s tactical considerations under Erik ten Hag, with a particular focus on the roles of key players like Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford. By examining the strategic nuances of lineup composition and player roles, Goldbridge provided insights into the delicate balance between defensive solidity and offensive threat. As United prepares for their next big challenge, these tactical insights underscore the complexity of football strategy at the highest level.

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