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Goldbridge: ‘No Manchester United Fan Wants Southgate as Manager’

Analysing Southgate’s Man United Links

Unpacking David Ornstein’s Views on Southgate and Manchester United

In a recent episode of The United Stand Podcast, host Mark Goldbridge delved into journalist David Ornstein’s insights regarding potential managerial shifts at Manchester United. Ornstein, renowned for his credible information on club managers and transfers, discussed on Sky the speculations surrounding Thomas Frank, De Zerbi, Gareth Southgate and Graham Potter.

Goldbridge expressed concerns over Ornstein’s observation about a strong connection between Ineos, Southgate and Dan Ashworth. He highlighted the potential of these relationships influencing Manchester United’s future decisions, notably with Southgate and Potter being considered for managerial roles.

Fan Perspectives and Concerns

Mark Goldbridge, known for his candid opinions, emphasised the need for Manchester United to make decisions aligned with fans’ expectations. Goldbridge pointed out the potential disconnect between the club’s management and its fanbase, especially regarding the consideration of Southgate and Potter for the managerial position. He firmly stated, “There’s no Manchester United fan out there that thinks this is a good idea,” underlining the importance of fan opinion in club decisions.

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 Red Flags in Management Choice

Goldbridge didn’t shy away from expressing his skepticism about the direction Manchester United might be taking. He raised red flags regarding Ineos’s potential tunnel vision and their ability to withstand pressure without heeding fan opinions. “I don’t want an owner that ignores all of the fan base because they think they know better,” he articulated, highlighting the risks of ignoring fan sentiments in pivotal decisions.

Tactical Analysis: Potter and Southgate as Unsuitable Options

The podcast didn’t just focus on fan opinions; it also provided a tactical analysis of why Southgate and Potter might not be the right fit for Manchester United. Goldbridge criticized their coaching styles, particularly Potter’s possession-based approach with a lack of end product, both at Brighton and Chelsea. He argued that this style wouldn’t be appealing at Manchester United, resulting in a possession game without effective goal-scoring. As for Southgate, Goldbridge was even more critical, questioning his club pedigree and relying heavily on a strong squad in international football, which he deemed unsuitable for the Premier League’s dynamic environment.

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Call for Accountability and Fan-Inclusive Decision Making

The podcast concluded with a strong message for Manchester United’s leadership – to listen to the fans and make decisions that align with the club’s ethos and aspirations. Goldbridge emphasized the need for accountability and a departure from a “dictatorship” style of management, which he felt had prevailed in the past. He urged the club to build a different Manchester United, one that resonates with and respects the fanbase’s voice.

In summary, The United Stand Podcast, through Goldbridge’s voice, offered a comprehensive critique of Manchester United’s potential managerial choices, stressing the importance of fan opinions, tactical suitability, and the necessity for the club to maintain its identity and values in its decision-making process.

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