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Mark Goldbridge: Southgate to Man Utd, Fans in Uproar

Manchester United and the Southgate Dilemma

Manchester United’s managerial saga has taken an unexpected turn, stirring up a whirlpool of emotions and opinions among the fanbase and pundits alike. At the heart of the latest controversy is the name Gareth Southgate, a suggestion that has left many, including notable influencer Mark Goldbridge, in sheer disbelief.

Shockwaves Through the Fanbase

“It started off as a joke… and suddenly my ass goes because I’ve soiled myself. I’m absolutely terrified,” Mark Goldbridge’s reaction captures the initial disbelief and growing dread at the prospect of Gareth Southgate taking over the reins at Manchester United. The evolution of this rumour from a fringe headline to a serious discussion point has left many questioning the direction and decision-making at the club.

The United Stand on Southgate’s Candidacy

In a vehement rant on That’s Entertainment!, Goldbridge articulates a sentiment that seems to resonate widely among supporters: the utter rejection of Southgate as a potential manager for Manchester United. “This is the pedigree of a fool… he’s absolutely terrible. I will not support Manchester United… if he becomes Man United manager.”

Goldbridge’s dismay is palpable as he struggles to comprehend how the club could even consider such a move. “I feel I’m in a parallel universe,” he exclaims, painting a vivid picture of a world turned upside down.

Goldbridge’s Take on Footballing Philosophy

Diving deeper into the implications of Southgate’s managerial style, Goldbridge critiques his approach with the national team, fearing its potential impact on Manchester United’s identity. “He basically picks his mates… can you imagine an England team with a Manchester United team under Gareth Southgate?”

A United Stand Against Southgate

In conclusion, the notion of Gareth Southgate becoming the manager has united fans and commentators in disbelief and opposition. “I’d rather dig up my dead rabbit and put that in charge of Manchester United,” Goldbridge quips, summarising the widespread sentiment against such an appointment.

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