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Michael Owen: Why Foden and Rashford Are Key to Victory

Dynamic Football: Embracing Change for England’s Success

Embracing Phil Foden’s Mastery

In a recent insightful piece by InstantCasinos, featuring football icon Michael Owen, the spotlight was cast on England’s tactical approach under Gareth Southgate. Owen’s analysis, infused with his rich footballing experience, presents a compelling argument for a strategic shift in England’s midfield formation, particularly advocating for Phil Foden’s essential role. “Foden has to start in my eyes,” Owen remarks, highlighting a tactical rigidity he perceives in Southgate’s preference for dual holding midfielders – a stance he finds excessively cautious and counterproductive. “Rice, Phillips, Rice and Henderson, but in my opinion that is too safe and too negative,” he critiques, advocating instead for a bolder, more fluid approach.

The Case for a Single Pivot

Delving deeper, Owen contrasts England’s conservative setup with the bolder strategies of top clubs, noting, “look at teams like Manchester City, Liverpool, and Arsenal, they rarely play with two number sixes.” His recommendation? A dynamic midfield trio comprising Rice, Bellingham, and Foden, supported by Saka and Rashford on the wings, with Harry Kane leading the line. “If I was Gareth Southgate I’d play Rice on his own there and play Bellingham and Foden ahead of him,” Owen suggests, envisioning a lineup that maximizes creativity and control.

Speed as a Game Changer

Owen further underscores the strategic value of pace in modern football, positioning Marcus Rashford as a pivotal figure for England. “If we don’t have someone like Rashford, then I don’t think we have masses and masses of pace to frighten the life out of anyone,” he states, emphasising Rashford’s ability to unsettle defences and create space for his teammates. “With Rashford in there we certainly tick a massive box of having pace,” Owen adds, illustrating the tactical advantage speed brings to the fore.

Exploring Alternatives

Beyond his core recommendations, Owen opens the discussion to potential game-changers within the squad, singling out talents like Jack Grealish, James Maddison, and Cole Palmer. “We’ve got Cole Palmer at Chelsea who I’m a massive fan of and who could be a late arrival into the team,” he notes, showcasing the depth of talent available to England and the importance of strategic selection to harness this potential fully.

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