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Cole Palmer: Does he Make Southgate’s England Squad?

Cole Palmer: England’s Summer Selection Dilemma

England’s squad selection for the upcoming Euros has sparked considerable debate among fans and pundits alike. With a plethora of talent at Gareth Southgate’s disposal, especially on the wings, the competition is fierce. One name that has been the subject of much discussion is Chelsea’s Cole Palmer, who, despite a standout debut season, finds himself in a complex pecking order within the England setup.

Rising Star at Chelsea

Cole Palmer’s move from Manchester City to Chelsea last summer for £42.5 million was a statement of intent. The 21-year-old winger, who can also play as a central attacking midfielder, has had a sensational season, being Chelsea’s beacon of hope with 21 goals and 12 assists in 39 matches. His contribution has not only made him Chelsea’s top scorer but also their main creative force.

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Despite his club success, Palmer’s position in the England team is less certain. With two caps to his name, his lack of minutes in recent internationals, including the 2-2 draw with Belgium where he didn’t feature, raises questions about his place in Southgate’s plans.

England’s Wing Wizards

According to Dean Saunders, speaking on talkSPORT, England’s front three are likely to be Harry Kane, Bukayo Saka, and Phil Foden, leaving Palmer in a battle for a spot against formidable competition. Saka’s performances for Arsenal and Foden’s for Manchester City have set them apart, not to mention Jarrod Bowen’s impact at West Ham, which Saunders believes puts him ahead of Palmer as well.

Quoted in a recent article by TeamTalk, Saunders elaborates, “There is no doubt that he [Palmer] has done well and he is knocking on the door, knocking hard on the door. I would imagine it is Harry Kane down the middle, Saka and Foden. I would imagine that is the front three in Gareth Southgate’s head.”

Competition for Places

England’s attacking options are abundant, with players like Jack Grealish, James Maddison, Jude Bellingham, and Raheem Sterling all vying for inclusion. Saunders adds, “So he has got a choice of so many players to pick but there is no doubt that Cole Palmer has done brilliantly.”

However, despite Palmer’s success, Saunders is hesitant to place him ahead of Saka or Foden, citing the higher stakes at Arsenal and the different challenges Palmer faces at Chelsea.

Southgate’s Summer Selections

With the Euros on the horizon, the debate over who should make the cut for England’s squad is intensifying. The good news for England supporters is the wealth of talent available, particularly in forward positions. Whether Palmer can secure his spot remains to be seen, but his performance at Chelsea this season has undoubtedly made him a strong contender.

The blend of experienced heads and rising stars promises an exciting tournament for England, with every player keen to make their mark. As the summer approaches, all eyes will be on Southgate’s selections, which are sure to be a topic of passionate discussion among fans and experts alike.

Statistical Analysis by EPL Index: Cole Palmer’s In-Depth Performance Data

Palmer’s Attacking Prowess Shines Through

When dissecting the performance stats of Cole Palmer, the attacking metrics on the chart by Fbref are particularly striking. In terms of attacking contributions, Palmer sits comfortably in the upper echelon among attacking midfielders and wingers, with his numbers painting the picture of a player at the height of his creative powers.

Palmer’s percentile ranks for non-penalty goals and assists are commendable, with a ranking in the 90th percentile for total shots, which underscores his willingness to take on scoring responsibilities. Notably, his non-penalty expected goals (npXG) align with this, indicating a keen eye for goal that transcends mere chance.

Possession and Passing: Areas for Growth

Palmer’s ability to retain possession and distribute the ball effectively is central to his role. Here, his percentile ranks for passes attempted and pass completion percentage reflect a player who is integral to his team’s buildup play. His ranking for progressive passes, which indicates the advancement of the ball towards the opponent’s goal, is particularly impressive.

However, there is always room for improvement. Although Palmer’s stats show proficiency, aspiring to raise his percentile rank for progressive carries would add an additional edge to his game, further enhancing his midfield dominance.

Defensive Duties Need Attention

While the focus on Palmer typically revolves around his offensive contribution, a holistic view of a player’s impact on the pitch includes their defensive work. Here, Palmer’s percentile ranks for interceptions and blocks indicate an area ripe for development. To become a more well-rounded player, particularly in a system demanding high pressing and defensive contribution from forwards, these are statistics he would aim to improve.

In conclusion, Cole Palmer’s performance data affords a glimpse into a player who is rapidly developing into a formidable force in the Premier League. As he continues to fine-tune his game, these stats will be the markers of his progress and areas for potential growth. With his current trajectory, the ceiling for Palmer’s development looks to be as high as his ambition.

Credit to Fbref for the detailed statistical breakdown, providing a comprehensive view of Cole Palmer’s season and underlining the importance of performance data and stats in analysing modern football.

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