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Robbie Savage: Why Man United Can’t Seal the Deal

Manchester United’s Open Strategy: A Tactician’s Perspective

Robbie Savage, speaking on Planet Sport Bet’s podcast ‘On Another Planet’, has offered an incisive critique of Manchester United’s current tactical approach, which has stirred the football community. His observations provide a unique lens through which to view United’s recent performances and their implications for the team’s future.

Analysing United’s Openness

“I have never seen a team as open as Manchester United are right now,” Savage declared, pinpointing a fundamental flaw in United’s tactical setup. This openness, while offering counter-attacking opportunities, has left the team exposed, notably against high-calibre opponents. “To concede 28 shots in that game against Liverpool is remarkable,” Savage emphasised, highlighting a defensive vulnerability that United must address to contend for top honours.

Ten Hag’s Optimistic Outlook Challenged

Erik ten Hag’s assertion that Manchester United could have taken nine points from their encounters with Brentford, Chelsea, and Liverpool has been met with skepticism by Savage. “Factually that is correct… However factually correct it is, the reality is that they should’ve been 3-0 down,” Savage counters, suggesting a disconnect between the team’s potential and their actual performance. His commentary not only questions United’s strategic decisions but also underscores the importance of realism in assessing team performance.

Liverpool’s Opportunity Lost

The recent showdown between Liverpool and Manchester United, according to Savage, represented a significant missed opportunity for Liverpool. “Sunday’s game… will go down as a massive missed opportunity for Liverpool,” he noted, lamenting the inability of Liverpool to capitalise on their dominant first-half performance. This analysis sheds light on the fine margins that often dictate the outcomes of high-stakes matches in the Premier League.

Predicting the Premier League and Champions League Outcomes

Looking ahead, Savage offered his predictions for the title race and European competition. Despite acknowledging Liverpool as paper favourites, he believes in Manchester City’s dual success. “However, I still think Manchester City will win the Premier League and also the Champions League,” Savage stated, underscoring his belief in City’s strength and depth. This perspective not only highlights the competitive nature of the Premier League but also the strategic intricacies that can influence the outcome of a season.

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