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Report: Erik Ten Hag Faces Uncertain Manchester United Future

Manchester United and Erik ten Hag: A Season of Unpredictability

The Chaos of United Under ten Hag

In a recent episode of The Athletic FC podcast, hosted by Ayo Akinwolere, Adam Crafton and Mark Critchley provided insightful perspectives on Manchester United’s season under Erik ten Hag. Crafton likened United’s performances to “pure chaos,” describing them as unpredictable and compelling to watch, both for fans and neutrals. He noted that United, under ten Hag, has an uncanny ability to “grind down opponents to their level,” a trait uncharacteristic of a club of its stature.

The Challenges of United’s Play Style

Mark Critchley pointed out that United’s fast, direct, transitional game might align with some player attributes but also highlighted the challenges it presents. He questioned the sustainability of such a style, especially given the squad’s injury history and physical limitations. “Look at the number of injuries this season, look at the level of physicality in the team… are the players suited to defending large areas of space?” Critchley asked, raising crucial questions about ten Hag’s tactics.

The Enigma of ten Hag’s Future

Discussing ten Hag’s future, Crafton reflected on whether the manager’s approach could see improvement with better infrastructure and player recruitment. However, he expressed scepticism due to the repetitive nature of United’s performances. “He never does anything different, really,” Crafton stated, doubting the possibility of a turnaround under the current management.

Squad Building and Management Decisions

The podcast also delved into United’s squad building and ten Hag’s decision-making. Crafton expressed bewilderment at some of ten Hag’s signings and substitutions, particularly mentioning the underutilization of players like Mason Mount and the puzzling signing of Amrabat. “I do not understand it,” Crafton admitted, questioning the coherence of ten Hag’s recruitment strategy and its alignment with his game plan.


In assessing United’s position, both analysts made comparisons with other clubs, including Arsenal and Chelsea, to illustrate the gap in consistency and strategy. The discussion highlighted how other teams have successfully navigated challenges that United continues to struggle with under ten Hag.

The Question of Effort and Desire

Addressing the criticism of United’s players lacking effort, both Crafton and Critchley dismissed it as unfair. They emphasized that the players are not lacking in effort but are hampered by the way they are set up. “The focus should be more on the way that they’re being organized,” Critchley argued, pointing out that the responsibility ultimately lies at the door of management.

The Future of ten Hag and Manchester United

As the podcast concluded, the conversation circled back to the future of Erik ten Hag at Manchester United. The analysts speculated about whether he might find success elsewhere should he leave United. However, Crafton expressed doubts about ten Hag walking into another big job, citing his lack of charisma and the open tactical approach he has employed at United.

In sum, The Athletic FC podcast episode with Ayo Akinwolere, Adam Crafton, and Mark Critchley provided a thorough examination of Manchester United’s turbulent season under Erik ten Hag. The analysts dissected the team’s chaotic style, the questionable squad-building decisions, and the wider implications of persisting with ten Hag.

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