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Report: Could This Striker Be Arsenal’s Answer to City’s Haaland?

Arsenal’s Striker Search: Zirkzee in the Spotlight

Arsenal’s Quest for a New No. 9

As Arsenal look to bolster their attacking options to challenge the likes of Manchester City’s Erling Haaland, Mikel Arteta’s search has led him across Europe, scouting potential candidates capable of scoring at least 25 goals per season. Gabriel Jesus, despite his talents, has not quite met the prolific goal-scoring requirements expected by Arteta, prompting a broader search, as detailed by TeamTalk.


Evaluating Options: From Toney to Zirkzee

Arsenal’s striker shortlist has seen names like Ivan Toney and Ollie Watkins come and go, with club circumstances cooling interest in some and blocking moves for others. Toney’s potential move has lost steam, and Watkins is tightly held by Aston Villa, leaving the Gunners looking elsewhere. Viktor Gyokeres of Sporting CP remains a viable option, but his hefty release clause and interest from rivals such as Manchester United and Liverpool make the deal challenging.

Zirkzee Emerges as a Promising Candidate

The focus has shifted to Bologna’s Joshua Zirkzee, a rising star who could offer a more budget-friendly option for Arsenal. With a transfer fee reportedly set at €80 million (£68.5 million), Zirkzee represents a significant investment but less so than Gyokeres. Since his move from Bayern Munich to Bologna in 2022, Zirkzee has impressed, tallying 11 goals in 33 appearances this season.


The Berbatov Comparison

Zirkzee’s playing style and potential have drawn comparisons to former Manchester United and Tottenham striker Dimitar Berbatov. “Zirkzee? He will be a transfer man in the summer,” said former Bologna star Robert Acquafresca. “And, if I have to compare him to someone, he reminds me a lot of Berbatov because he has great technique and vision of the game and only scores beautiful goals.” Berbatov, renowned for his sublime skill and effortless play, left a memorable mark in the Premier League, and Zirkzee is tipped to emulate that impact.

Arsenal’s interest in Zirkzee is intriguing, not only for his potential to develop into a top-tier forward but also for his style that seems to promise not just goals, but goals of aesthetic and technical quality. As Arsenal weigh their final decision, the allure of a player like Zirkzee is strong. He embodies the technical finesse and calm finishing that could very well light up the Premier League.

In a transfer market increasingly dictated by astronomical fees and fierce competition, Arsenal’s move for Zirkzee could signify a strategic shift, aiming not just for efficacy but for a player who can both captivate and contribute significantly.

Statistical Analysis by EPL Index: Joshua Zirkzee’s In-Depth Review

Zirkzee’s Attacking Prowess

In dissecting the performance data of Joshua Zirkzee, as meticulously compiled by Fbref, one cannot help but be drawn to his offensive contributions. The radar chart reveals a player who not only thrives in the attacking third but also demonstrates a commendable work rate in possession and defending for a forward.

Zirkzee’s percentile rank compared to other forwards in shot-creating actions stands out. His capacity to not only take shots but also set them up speaks volumes of a forward with a keen sense of spatial awareness and an ability to link play effectively. In terms of non-penalty expected goals (npXG) plus expected assists (xA), his numbers are indicative of a player who is consistently involved in building up to scoring opportunities, a trait that adds depth to any attacking unit.

Possession and Defensive Duties

Moving through the stats, Zirkzee exhibits an impressive grasp over the ball with a high percentile in successful take-ons. This attribute, coupled with his knack for retaining possession under pressure as indicated by his touches in the attacking penalty area, underscores his ability to function as a pivot in tight spaces.

Surprisingly for a forward, his contributions extend beyond mere possession stats. He also shows a willingness to involve himself in defensive tasks, evidenced by his percentile for clearances and aerial duels won. While not his primary role, these numbers show a player willing to commit to the collective effort.

Potential Fit for Premier League Ambitions

What does this mean for a club like Arsenal, as they search for a striker who can emulate the legendary goal-scoring consistency of the Premier League’s best? Zirkzee’s performance data offers a promising prospect. His stats reflect a player who could very well adapt to the robust and tactically nuanced play of the English top flight.

For a club seeking a multifaceted forward capable of both scoring and creating, the stats suggest Zirkzee could be a shrewd acquisition. Should he continue to hone his skills and translate these numbers into consistent match-winning performances, he may just be the piece of the puzzle Arsenal have been seeking to elevate their attacking threat to the next level.

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