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Report: Everton to Face Tough Transfer Decisions

Everton’s Transfer Dilemma: Branthwaite and Onana in the Spotlight

As the summer transfer window approaches, Everton finds itself in a precarious position, with key players Jarrad Branthwaite and Amadou Onana drawing significant attention from top clubs across Europe. Originally reported by TeamTalk, the saga surrounding these talents encapsulates the harsh realities of football’s business side, especially for clubs fighting to retain their Premier League status.

Everton’s Battle to Retain Talent

The challenge for Everton is twofold. On one hand, they must prepare for the potential of another season in the Premier League; on the other, they face the grim prospect of relegation. Regardless of their league status, holding onto stars like Branthwaite and Onana will be a formidable task.


Both players are reportedly on the radar of several heavyweight clubs. Manchester United has shown considerable interest in Branthwaite, although the £70 million asking price is proving a tough pill to swallow. Meanwhile, Bayern Munich and Tottenham Hotspur are also lurking, with Spurs’ manager reportedly recommending Branthwaite to his superiors.

Everton, using the £75 million transfer of Wesley Fofana as a benchmark, asserts that Branthwaite possesses equivalent if not superior potential, justifying their valuation of the young centre-back.

Onana’s Rising Stock

Amadou Onana’s situation mirrors that of his teammate. Since his surprising move to Everton in 2022, his stock has risen, attracting the likes of Barcelona and Chelsea. The Belgian midfielder fits perfectly into Chelsea’s recruitment model, but snagging him won’t come cheap—Everton has set his price at no less than £60 million.

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Drawing comparisons to Romeo Lavia’s £58 million move to Chelsea, Everton’s recruitment team argues that Onana’s blend of international and Premier League experience offers greater value, justifying the steep price tag.

Financial Realities and Strategic Moves

The financial implications of these potential transfers are significant. For Everton, receiving hefty fees for Branthwaite and Onana could bolster their squad depth and financial health, especially critical if they face relegation. However, losing such key players could also weaken their competitive edge, a paradox that clubs like Everton often wrestle with.

Looking Ahead: A Summer of Speculation

As the transfer window looms, the speculation surrounding Branthwaite and Onana will likely intensify. Everton’s resolve will be tested as they balance financial gain against the need to maintain a strong squad.

The dynamics of these negotiations will offer a compelling narrative over the summer, highlighting the complexities of football transfers. Everton fans will be hoping for a resolution that strengthens the team, ensuring their club can compete at the highest level, regardless of the challenging circumstances they find themselves in.

Statistical Analysis by EPL Index: Unpacking Branthwaite’s Performance

Everton’s Jarrad Branthwaite has been a standout performer this season, and a deep dive into his stats by Fbref provides a compelling narrative of his impact on the field.

Defensive Mastery Shines

Branthwaite’s percentile rank in clearances and blocks places him among the elite, with an impressive 88th percentile in clearances showcasing his aerial prowess and ability to alleviate pressure on his team. His 76th percentile rank in non-penalty goals indicates a defender who’s not just preventing goals but also contributing them. It’s this blend of defensive solidity and offensive threat that makes him such a valued asset in the transfer market.

Room for Growth

While the data from Fbref highlights Branthwaite’s defensive strengths, it also points to areas for improvement. His performance in the possession domain, particularly in shot-creating actions, passes attempted, and progressive carries, suggests room to grow. The stats unveil a player who’s more of a traditional defender than a modern, ball-playing centre-back. However, at such a young age, there is ample time for development, and this potential will certainly be factored into his valuation.

Balancing Act

As Everton navigates the tricky waters of the transfer market, Branthwaite’s performance data will be pivotal. His stats paint the picture of a player who excels at the bread and butter of defending but may need to evolve to fit the mould of the modern game’s defenders, who are expected to initiate attacks as well as thwart them.

The analytical perspective provided by Fbref lays the foundation for informed decisions, both for potential buyers and Everton’s future strategy. Branthwaite’s statistical footprint in the league thus far is an intriguing one, promising both solid performances and the potential for growth.

With the constant evolution of performance data and stats in football, Branthwaite stands as a prime example of how traditional defensive metrics and emerging demands of the role intersect, presenting a valuable case study for clubs and analysts alike.

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