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Report: Man Utd Ashworth Deal Stalls Over £15M Fee

Manchester United’s Negotiation Standoff: The Tug of War for Dan Ashworth

Stalemate in Negotiations

Manchester United’s quest to bring Dan Ashworth to Old Trafford is turning into a financial tug-of-war with Newcastle United, with the clubs reportedly £13 million apart in their valuation. According to The Telegraph, Newcastle are holding out for £15 million, plus an additional £5 million in add-ons, for their former sporting director, currently sidelined on gardening leave since February. This standoff starkly contrasts with United’s offer, which stands at a mere £2 million—mirroring the fee Newcastle paid to secure Ashworth from Brighton two years prior.

Strategy and Patience

Despite the deadlock, Manchester United seem prepared to play the long game. Sir Jim Ratcliffe, United’s new minority shareholder, recently engaged in discussions with Newcastle director Amanda Staveley, aiming to bridge this valuation gap. However, these talks have yet to yield a resolution, and the persistence of high demands from Newcastle has left United baulking.


Ratcliffe has been vocally critical of Newcastle’s high financial demands, suggesting a surprising turn given the similarities in how Newcastle previously approached Ashworth at Brighton. With no signs of Newcastle softening their stance, Manchester United has indicated a willingness to wait—potentially until the end of the year—to secure Ashworth’s services without succumbing to financial pressures.

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Financial Prudence Over Immediate Resolution

Manchester United’s restraint is also influenced by other strategic decisions within the club. They have already confirmed Jason Wilcox as the new technical director after settling a compensation agreement with Southampton. This move underscores their readiness to defer Ashworth’s appointment if necessary, focusing financial resources more judiciously amidst a tight budget. The club believes the funds might be better allocated towards enhancing the playing squad rather than expediting Ashworth’s release from Newcastle.

The Anticipated Impact of Ashworth

Should the deal eventually go through, Ashworth is expected to take charge of a holistic overhaul of Manchester United’s football operations. His expertise will likely be pivotal in refining the club’s scouting network, analytics, and performance departments, ensuring a seamless, high-functioning environment surrounds the manager and technical director.

The envisioned strategy under Ashworth includes establishing a clear and effective playing style and identity, which will be initially spearheaded by Wilcox, especially in the upcoming summer transfer window. In the interim, Omar Berrada, another seasoned executive with a background in football negotiations and recruitment, will support Wilcox.

Conclusion: A Waiting Game with High Stakes

As Manchester United and Newcastle continue their financial standoff over Dan Ashworth, the broader implications for United’s strategic ambitions loom large. The resolution of this negotiation will not only affect the immediate structure of the club’s management but also its long-term ability to compete at the highest levels. For now, Manchester United appears steadfast in its approach, opting for strategic patience over a costly compromise, echoing a broader philosophy of financial prudence and targeted investment.

The unfolding scenario will undoubtedly be a significant storyline to monitor as the summer transfer window approaches, with potential ripple effects on Manchester United’s capabilities and strategies moving forward.

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