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Stefan Borson: Everton’s Future at Risk with 777 Takeover?

Everton and 777 Partners: A Detailed Discussion on Proposed Takeover and Financial Concerns

Everton Football Club, a prominent name in English football, currently stands at a pivotal juncture with the proposed takeover by 777 Partners, an investment firm. This analysis draws on a talkSPORT show featuring insights from Stefan Borson, among others, offering a critical examination of the situation.

777 Partners’ Takeover Bid and Financial Challenges

Stefan Borson expressed significant concerns regarding the financial standing and legal challenges surrounding 777 Partners. The firm’s credibility was questioned due to a series of legal disputes and financial instability. Borson noted, “777 have been named in 16 lawsuits over claims of unpaid debt of $100 million.” This alarming revelation casts doubt on the firm’s capability to manage a Premier League club.

The implications of these financial woes extend beyond just ownership but touch on Everton’s future stability. With the club potentially starting the next season with minus points due to ongoing financial irregularities related to stadium payments, Borson elaborated on the split case tactic Everton employed, “They probably wish now they’d have taken it all in one go and got it out the way.”

Impact on Everton’s Financial Health

Despite the grim outlook, Borson highlighted a critical lifeline provided by 777 Partners amidst these challenges. “In the absence of another bidder, actually the 777 guys, wherever they got the money from, have done Everton a great service,” he stated, referring to the $200 million that the investment firm lent to the club. This infusion of funds, albeit under precarious conditions, has been crucial in keeping the club operational.
However, the sustainability of this financial aid is questionable. The ongoing legal battles and the dubious nature of the funds pose a significant risk to Everton’s financial integrity and operational stability. The dialogue from the podcast also touched on the broader implications of such financial arrangements in sports management, particularly in football.


As Everton navigates through these challenging times, the role of 777 Partners remains controversial. The financial scrutiny and legal entanglements highlight the complexities of football finance and the critical nature of transparent and stable ownership. The talkSPORT show with Stefan Borson provided a thorough insight into these issues, stressing the need for caution and diligence in managing sports entities. Everton’s saga continues to unfold, reflecting the intricate dance between finance, legality, and sports.

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