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How to Bet on the Premier League?

The English Premier League, colloquially known as “The Premiership”, is the top level in the English league system, it is the top division. Twenty teams are currently taking part in a round of games that takes place between August and May of the following year. Every year, three clubs from the league are relegated to the league below and three are promoted from this league. Below you can find exciting information about the Premier League and helpful tips for optimizing your betting strategy at non gamstop casinos.

Especially for beginners when it comes to Premier League betting, it is advisable to invest a lot of time analyzing the latest results of the respective teams. If a strong team such as Manchester City has a streak of defeats, it is quite possible that things such as the absence of regular players or a busy schedule thanks to international tournaments are responsible for this.

The position in the table is, at least after a good part of the season has already been played, a good indicator of the overall strength of a team. However, this cannot be seen as a guarantee of success and you should always closely monitor the current form of the respective teams. Especially when an underdog has the opportunity to win a game, you can win many times your bet thanks to very high odds. Another feature that makes the English league so exciting for many is the exciting race for the championship, which is often year after year. Only once in the last 13 seasons has the Premier League winner been the same for 2 consecutive seasons – Manchester City.

Place Your Bet With Caution & Patience

If you have only recently started betting on the English Premier League at betting sites without GamStop, you should initially assess an appropriate level of risk for yourself.

If you start with smaller stakes at the beginning and always take a look at your right and wrong tips and keep small statistics about them, you will quickly get an idea of ​​how profitable they are. If you are satisfied with the results, you can adjust your stake level accordingly to your success. However, if the results are not satisfactory, you won’t have huge losses thanks to the lower stakes.

A bet on a winner or a result does not always have to be the right one. For example, if a team plays a strong offensive game and is fouled frequently, bets on the number of yellow cards, free kicks or corners can also bring very good odds. The so-called over or under goal bet is also an alternative that can be considered for strong offensive or strong defensive teams.

If you want to be excited for as long as possible, you can get high odds by placing a tip on the Premier League winner quite early in the season.

If the selected team then becomes champions in England, the stake will be paid back many times over. A prime example of this was Leicester City’s surprising championship in the 2015/16 season, where the odds was an impressive 5,000. For example, a stake of €20 became the proud sum of €100,000.

Top 3 Premier League Betting Sites in Detail

Ninewin Casino

Ninewin has been a provider of sports betting and online gambling for many years. In addition to attractive welcome bonuses, they also offer a large range of sports betting and slot machines as well as a live casino. The minimum deposit at Ninewin is €10 for everyone and allows you to test it without risking large amounts of money.

Ninewin scored particularly well with live stream bets. This means you can place your bets at the same time as you follow the action of a sporting event for maximum excitement.

Prive Casino

PowBet is one of the strongest brands when it comes to online gambling and sports betting. Modern website design, an easy-to-use and clear mobile app and a wide range of offerings are plus points that catch the eye very early on.

The minimum deposit is very low at €5 and invites you to test the site first. The welcome bonus of 100% up to €200 is also more generous than the bonus of up to €100 offered by most providers. PowBet also impresses with a variety of deposit and withdrawal options – even via crypto.

Betnuvo Casino

Betnuvo has developed into one of the top sports betting and gaming providers over the past few years. The bonus system at Betnuvo is interactive and the provider also impresses with a wide range of betting options and other features.

Deposits and withdrawals can be made at Betnuvo via a variety of online banks, by credit card and even with cryptocurrencies. All things considered, Betnuvo is a top provider for lovers of sports betting and more.


Are you a die-hard Premier League fan and are very familiar with the teams, recent results and fixture list? Have you also found the right betting provider? Then the next step should be planning a suitable betting strategy with which you can place your bets on the English Premier League. If you keep statistics about your results from the outset, you will quickly get a feel for how good your bets are and can accordingly adjust factors such as stake size and risk for combination bets.

One of the most important character traits for successful bets is rationality. As much as it may hurt to expect your favorite team to lose, it still has to be done when your feeling tells you that you are the underdog in a game.

Early consideration of factors such as staff shortages and international schedule can also make a significant difference to success rates. For example, if a successful team meets a moderately strong opponent, but still has a game in a European competition in the same week, regular players may be rested. This can give the underdog an unexpectedly good chance of a surprise, which usually comes with very high odds.

If you always keep points like these in mind before placing your bet, there won’t be much standing in the way of your success other than a little bit of luck.

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