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Emmanuel Petit: Man United Flop Arsenal’s Next Big Gamble?

Arsenal’s Transfer Tactics: A Dive into Jadon Sancho and Bruno Fernandes’ Prospects

Jadon Sancho: A Revival Away from Old Trafford?

Emmanuel Petit, in a detailed interview with Grosvenor Sport, shared his sharp insights on why Arsenal could benefit from snagging Jadon Sancho from Manchester United. “I was saying how impressed I was with Jadon Sancho in the Champions League on commentary – he looks like a new player, so fit, thin and explosive,” Petit remarked, highlighting Sancho’s rejuvenated form and dynamism, which starkly contrasts with the lacklustre atmosphere at Manchester United. Sancho’s speed and explosive style, akin to “dynamite on the pitch,” make a compelling case for Arsenal’s interest. “He’s back to his best and Man United look so far away from them, so if Arsenal want him, why not?” Petit pointed out, suggesting that Sancho’s potential is wasted at a club currently struggling to support their stars’ talents.

Questioning Bruno Fernandes

While discussing players, Petit also touched on Bruno Fernandes, questioning his ability compared to Arsenal’s captain. He voiced concerns about Fernandes’ attitude and leadership. “Odegaard is a better player than him and I’m not that convinced with Fernandes,” Petit commented, comparing the calm and effective leadership of Odegaard with Fernandes’ often visible frustration on the pitch.

Assessing Manchester United’s Dismal Phase

Petit did not hold back in his critique of Manchester United’s current squad, branding it the “worst Man United side I’ve ever seen.” The team’s performance and spirit are far from their glorious past, with players like Casemiro failing to replicate their previous form. “So many average players and Casemiro looks so poor,” he stated, highlighting the decline in quality that makes Old Trafford seem like a graveyard of potential for current players.

Trent Alexander-Arnold’s Future: Should He Stay or Go?

Lastly, Petit weighed in on Trent Alexander-Arnold’s speculated move to Real Madrid. Echoing a protective stance towards English talent, he suggested that Alexander-Arnold should appreciate his current status at Liverpool, where he is “in a cocoon,” loved and supported. “Sometimes, the grass is not greener and I don’t have the feeling that Trent will support the pressure from Real Madrid,” he advised, hinting that a move might not be in the defender’s best interest given his occasional defensive lapses.

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