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Paul Scharner: Arsenal Should Target This Real Madrid Star

David Alaba’s Premier League Fit: Arsenal Over Manchester United

In a revealing discussion spearheaded by Paul Scharner for OLBG, the viability of David Alaba transitioning to the Premier League was dissected with an insightful perspective on why Arsenal, not Manchester United, would be a more suitable destination for the versatile player.

Analysing Alaba’s Playing Style

David Alaba’s journey from a budding talent at Bayern Munich to a seasoned stalwart at Real Madrid has been nothing short of spectacular. His evolution from a left back to expressing a desire to dominate as a central midfielder, specifically in an offensive role, highlights his adaptive playstyle and technical prowess. Scharner articulates this transformation well, noting, “He plays at the back because he grew up at Bayern Munich and became a left back. He always wanted to play in central midfield.”

Alaba’s preference for the number eight role, an offensive midfielder, speaks volumes about his vision and his comfort with ball possession. This nuance of his game is pivotal when considering his fit at either Arsenal or Manchester United.

Possession Play: Arsenal’s Advantage

The strategic fit for Alaba leans significantly towards Arsenal due to their style of play, which aligns closely with Alaba’s strengths. As Scharner points out, “If you look at Real Madrid, 99% of their games they have the most possession, fighting and defending is not his strength. It’s being in possession.” Arsenal, known for their emphasis on ball control and structured buildup, mirrors this approach, making them an ideal fit for Alaba’s skill set.

In contrast, Manchester United’s current tactical setup under their management requires a different kind of robustness in defence, one that demands natural defenders who can withstand the physical and direct challenges of the Premier League—traits that Scharner suggests Alaba might not naturally possess.

Tactical Misfit at Manchester United

The dynamics at Manchester United, with a greater focus on defensive solidity and less on midfield creativity in the deeper areas, could pose a challenge for Alaba. Scharner’s insight that “Manchester United would be difficult because he’s not a natural defender” underlines the potential tactical discord. Alaba’s inclination towards a more possession-based, less combative role could be underutilized in a system that doesn’t play to his strengths.

Future Considerations and Conclusion

For Alaba, the choice of club could be crucial in defining the latter stages of his career in top-flight football. A move to Arsenal could see him thrive in a midfield role that cherishes his ability to maintain possession and dictate play—qualities that have made him a standout at Real Madrid.

As clubs continue to evolve their strategies and player roles, Alaba’s potential fit at Arsenal could not only enhance their midfield but also provide a new dimension to their gameplay, one that could be less effective if he were to move to Manchester United.

In summary, while both clubs offer prestigious platforms, Arsenal presents a tactical environment more conducive to Alaba’s playing style and career aspirations. His potential impact at Arsenal, as expertly analysed by Paul Scharner, could be substantial, provided the North London club chooses to capitalize on his unique abilities in the heart of their midfield.

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