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Jurgen Klopp Urges Clubs to Ditch VAR in Final Liverpool Press Conference

Klopp’s Controversial Stance on VAR

Klopp’s Call to Scrap VAR

Outgoing Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has made his stance clear: he would vote to abolish video assistant referees (VAR), citing the inability of officials to use the technology effectively. Premier League clubs are set to vote on the future of VAR at their annual general meeting on 6 June.

VAR, introduced in 2019, aimed to assist on-field officials with crucial decisions. However, it has been embroiled in numerous controversies. Klopp commented, “I don’t think they’re [the club] voting against VAR, I think they’ll vote about how it gets used, because that’s definitely not right. In the way they do it, I would vote against it, because these people are not able to use it properly.”

Liverpool and VAR: A Season of Controversies

Liverpool found themselves at the heart of one of the most contentious VAR moments this season. In a match against Tottenham Hotspur, a significant error by the referees’ body, PGMOL, led to the wrongful disallowing of Luis Diaz’s goal. Video assistant referee Darren England failed to overturn the incorrect offside call, a decision Liverpool manager Klopp called to be replayed. Liverpool also demanded a “review with full transparency” of the VAR process.

Despite the controversies, Liverpool reportedly supports the retention of VAR. However, Klopp’s personal stance remains firm. When asked if he would vote to eliminate the system, Klopp replied, “I do not think VAR is the problem, but the way we use it is the problem. So, you cannot change the people obviously, it’s clear. You need them. So yes, I would vote for scrapping VAR.”

The Final Week: Klopp Reflects

As Klopp prepares for his final match in charge of Liverpool against Wolves, he reflects on what he describes as the “most intense” week of his life. The 56-year-old German’s tenure at Liverpool began in October 2015 and has seen the club achieve remarkable success.

“Saying goodbye I don’t think is ever nice but saying goodbye without feeling sad or hurt, that would just mean the time we spent together was not great, and we had a great time,” Klopp remarked. Under his leadership, Liverpool secured seven major trophies, including the 2019 Champions League and their first league title in 30 years during the 2019-20 season.

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Klopp’s Legacy at Liverpool

Reflecting on his legacy, Klopp acknowledges that while more could have been won, he takes pride in the team’s achievements. “I know we could have won more, but I can’t change that. Missing the title by a point shows you are really good. The nearly-wins will not be in the history books, but you can’t see it like that. You cannot do any better, or any different. Could someone else have done better? Probably. But I couldn’t. The rest will be judged by the people, and I’m sure most think we were absolutely fine,” Klopp said.

Regardless of the outcome against Wolves, Liverpool are assured a third-place finish this season. As Klopp bids farewell, his impact on Liverpool’s history remains undeniable.

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