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Insights from AFTV’s Robbie Lyle On Arsenal’s Season

Arsenal’s Resilience: A Season Reviewed

As the curtains draw on another Premier League season, Arsenal’s journey has been nothing short of dramatic. AFTV’s Robbie Lyle, alongside passionate contributors, delves into the emotional highs and lows following Arsenal’s 2-1 victory over Everton. The analysis reflects on the broader narrative of Arsenal’s performance this season, highlighting the gut-wrenching realization that despite their efforts, the league title remains elusive.

The Emotional Aftermath

Robbie encapsulates the collective sentiment of Arsenal fans when he says, “I’m gutted, absolutely gutted. As I’ve been speaking to more and more fans, it sinks in more and more.” This poignant statement sets the tone for the discussion. Arsenal’s victory against Everton, while commendable, was overshadowed by Manchester City’s unassailable lead. The Everton fans’ chants of “you nearly won the league” served as a cruel reminder of how close, yet how far, Arsenal stood from glory.

Key Moments and Margins

Reflecting on pivotal moments, Robbie mentions, “It’s so such small margins… like two points. We’ve been brilliant this season, absolutely brilliant.” He underscores the importance of every match, pointing to specific games like the draw against Fulham and the loss to Aston Villa as critical junctures. These matches, seemingly minor at the time, cumulatively edged Arsenal out of the title race. Robbie’s insight, “When you’re up against a team like Man City, the margins are so tight,” aptly captures the essence of the challenge faced by Arsenal.

Arteta’s Influence and the Future

The discussion transitions into a passionate defence of Mikel Arteta’s leadership. Robbie fervently argues, “Arteta has done an absolutely amazing job. We were two points off City. We had the best defence in the league.” This endorsement is crucial as it counters any premature criticism of Arteta’s tenure. Robbie’s belief in Arteta’s vision is unwavering, as he states, “We’ve got a top-quality manager. We’ve got him now, so we have to believe in him.”

The focus then shifts to the future. Robbie emphasises the need for strategic reinforcements rather than a complete overhaul. “We don’t need a lot… we just need to strengthen with quality, bring in top-quality players,” he suggests, highlighting a pragmatic approach to the upcoming transfer window. This strategy is pivotal for Arsenal to bridge the narrow gap and challenge Manchester City more robustly in the next season.


Arsenal’s season, as recounted by Robbie and his peers, is a testament to resilience and incremental progress. The team’s near-miss in the title race, while heartbreaking, is also a beacon of hope. The foundation laid this season, marked by stellar defensive records and a cohesive squad, sets the stage for future success.

Robbie’s closing reflections resonate with a forward-looking optimism, “We’ve improved a lot and we’ll improve more under this manager. I love what he said at the end, don’t be satisfied with this. He’s a winner, and he’s going to get us there.” These words encapsulate the spirit of Arsenal – a club on the cusp of greatness, driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence.

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