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“He Should be Going!” – Harry Redknapp Defends Man United Star After England Snub

Marcus Rashford’s Euro 2024 Exclusion: A Misstep by Gareth Southgate?

Rashford’s Snub: Surprising but Understandable?

The decision to leave Marcus Rashford out of England’s preliminary squad for Euro 2024 has sparked a blend of bewilderment and debate among football pundits and fans alike. Harry Redknapp, the astute former Premier League manager, voiced his opinion on this matter in a candid discussion with sports betting site BetVictor. Redknapp, known for his frank assessments, did not mince words when he said, “As poor as Marcus Rashford has been with Manchester United this year, his England form has always been good, he’s always done well.”

This statement alone invites a deeper exploration into the dynamics of club versus country performance. It’s no secret that Rashford’s stint at Manchester United this season has been underwhelming. However, his ability to consistently deliver for the national team, particularly highlighted by his performance as the joint-leading scorer at the 2022 World Cup, poses a significant question: Should national team selections be swayed by club form?

Redknapp’s Case for Rashford: Impact Player Off the Bench

Harry Redknapp, in his discussion with BetVictor, pointed out an essential role Rashford could have played in the squad. “I would still have included him in the Euros squad. Even if he’s not starting, he can come off the bench,” Redknapp stated. The strategic use of Rashford as a super sub could have been an invaluable asset for England. His pace, whether utilized on the flanks or through the middle, brings a dynamic threat to fatigued defences in the latter stages of a game.

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Redknapp further emphasized, “He gives you that pace either wide or through the middle. On his day, with that pace, Rashford can be a real threat to the opposition. If I was playing against him, he’d scare me to death at times.” The unique blend of speed and skill Rashford possesses indeed makes him a formidable force, one that can alter the complexion of a match within minutes. His exclusion, therefore, might be felt more acutely in tight matches where a burst of speed or a moment of individual brilliance could be game-changing.

Evaluating Southgate’s Strategy

Gareth Southgate’s decision-making has often been under scrutiny, and Rashford’s omission is no exception. Is Southgate looking to evolve the team beyond the familiar faces and perhaps betting on form and tactical obedience over flair and unpredictability? The answer might lie in the composition of the rest of the squad, which seems to lean towards a blend of youth and experience, all in good current form.

While the rationale behind prioritizing players who are peaking at the right time is sound, football is also about those magic moments that players like Rashford can provide. His capability to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat or to inject pace and panic into orderly defences cannot be understated.

Final Thoughts: A Missed Opportunity?

As England heads into the Euros without Rashford, the decision will be put to the test. Will Southgate’s strategy pay dividends, or will the absence of Rashford’s explosive talent haunt England in crucial moments? Only time will tell, but as Redknapp pointedly noted, leaving out a player of Rashford’s calibre could be a decision that comes back to challenge the tactical acumen of England’s management.

In conclusion, Marcus Rashford’s exclusion from the Euro 2024 squad is a contentious issue that marries the unpredictability of sport with the calculated risks managers must take. While Rashford’s recent form might not justify a starting position, his proven track record on the international stage could have been an ace up Southgate’s sleeve. As the tournament unfolds, the echoes of ‘what if’ will linger around this decision, potentially defining England’s campaign for better or worse.

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