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Goldbridge: Tuchel Won’t Take Man Utd Job, What Next?

Tuchel and Man Utd: The Managerial Conundrum


The search for a new manager at Manchester United has taken another twist with Thomas Tuchel deciding not to take the job. In a recent episode of The United Stand Podcast, Mark Goldbridge discussed this development and its implications for the club. This blog will explore the key points raised in the podcast, featuring direct quotes from Goldbridge, and analyze the potential impact on Man Utd’s future.

Tuchel’s Decision

The news that Thomas Tuchel will not be taking the Manchester United job came as a surprise to many. “Thomas Tuchel will not take the Manchester United job. He wants to take a break from management,” stated Goldbridge. This decision followed a meeting between Tuchel and Manchester United representatives, including Sir Jim Ratcliffe. The podcast highlighted that Ratcliffe had discussions with Tuchel in Monaco, confirming that INEOS was seeking a manager with a proven track record.

Goldbridge expressed his frustration with this approach, equating it to the Glazers’ strategy over the past decade. “It terrifies me… they’re looking for somebody to get the best out of what we’ve got because we’re not going to sell and buy many,” he lamented. This mirrors the club’s previous pattern of hiring managers to make do with existing players rather than overhauling the squad.

Concerns Over the Manager Market

With Tuchel out of the running, the focus shifts to other potential candidates. Goldbridge noted, “The manager market wasn’t very good anyway… you’re going down the list.” He mentioned that Kieran McKenna had stayed at Ipswich, and now the options were dwindling. “You’re basically left now with Pochettino or Deschamps,” he said, highlighting the limited and uninspiring choices remaining.

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Goldbridge also voiced his concerns about the potential appointment of managers like Pochettino or Southgate, suggesting that these would not be the right fit for the club. “At some point, you’ve just got to go… are you now at the point where it’s more about getting rid of Ten Hag than what’s actually out there?” he questioned, urging the club to reconsider their approach.

The INEOS Approach and Financial Implications

Goldbridge was particularly critical of INEOS’ strategy, especially if it mirrored the Glazers’ cost-cutting methods. “It read to me… they’re looking for somebody to get the best out of Rashford, to get Sancho back, to get the best out of Maguire and Lindelof,” he said. This approach, he argued, suggests financial limitations and a reluctance to invest significantly in new players.

He further speculated about the financial state of the club under INEOS, hinting at the possible continuity of the Glazers’ influence. “Is this actually all about the Glazers bringing a front in of new ownership where actually we’re going to get more of the same but repackage it as INEOS?” he wondered.

Future Prospects and Fan Sentiment

The uncertainty surrounding the managerial position has left fans and commentators alike in a state of confusion. “We expect and anticipate a big summer for Manchester United… but maybe we’re just going to get the same old crap,” Goldbridge said, expressing his doubts about substantial change.

Despite the frustrations, Goldbridge acknowledged the complexity of the situation and the need for a clear, strategic direction. “We need to turn a new page; we don’t need to read the same script again,” he concluded, emphasizing the necessity for real transformation at the club.


The decision of Thomas Tuchel to not join Manchester United has added another layer of complexity to the club’s search for a new manager. As discussed by Mark Goldbridge on The United Stand Podcast, this development raises significant concerns about the club’s direction and the potential repetition of past mistakes. With the managerial market looking slim, Manchester United faces a crucial period that will determine its immediate future and long-term success.

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  1. Sounds like someones howling at the moon? To achieve what Goldbridge seems to want would cost north of £500 million. In this day and age such an outlay would be reckless in the extreme especially with the constraints of FFP. At some point social media commentators have to face such realities.

    Thinking Ratcliffe would not try to get the best out of his squad is risible. Pragmatism is the name of the game. So of course he’s going to look how best to utilise the squad he’s got (not least if they are under contract and have little desire to leave). The reality (which Goldbridge seems to refuse to accept) is that the best coaches are those that can make the best out of their squads and the best out of new players recruited. Ineos have said they are looking to make 3 major signings to strengthen the spine of the team this summer. So its no surprise.


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