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Gordon Strachan: Tierney and McTominay’s True Characters

Kieran Tierney and Scott McTominay: Rising Stars in Scottish Football

In a recent interview with Prime Casino, Gordon Strachan provided a deep dive into the potential and performances of two prominent Scottish footballers: Kieran Tierney and Scott McTominay. His insights offer a valuable perspective on what makes these players exceptional and how they fit into the broader landscape of international and club football.

Kieran Tierney: A Model of Humility and Team Spirit

Kieran Tierney, recently playing for Real Sociedad after a loan from Arsenal, has consistently showcased his abilities on the field, especially when representing Scotland. Strachan’s observations shed light on Tierney’s motivations and character, which play a significant role in his performance.


“You’ve got to know Kieran Tierney to understand what motivates him. With Tierney, playing well at the European Championships to show that he’s capable of playing for the biggest clubs, that will never, ever be something he goes into games thinking about,” Strachan noted.

Tierney’s focus remains firmly on being a good teammate and earning the respect of his peers and managers. This attitude was evident during his time at Celtic, where he emerged from a crop of talented young players without any special treatment. Strachan emphasised, “He’s a humble kid that is only interested about performing. He won’t be thinking that this tournament is a shop window for a move from Arsenal this summer. Kieran will concentrate on his football, and by doing that, his future will take care of itself.”

Scott McTominay: A Beacon of Reliability and Integrity

Scott McTominay has had his share of critics, particularly within the context of his tenure at Manchester United. Despite this, his goal-scoring form in qualification has been nothing short of remarkable. Strachan’s insights into McTominay’s mindset and contribution to the team highlight his resilience and dedication.

“You’ve got to remember that Scott’s playing for a Man United side, and everyone in there has their critics. It doesn’t matter who you are or how good you’ve been playing. That is what it’s like to play for Manchester United,” Strachan remarked.

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The challenges faced by Manchester United in recent seasons have often overshadowed individual performances. Strachan pointed out, “Let’s be honest, it’s been a difficult season for Manchester United. It’s not like the United team is full of wonderful players and Scott isn’t on that level. This United team isn’t full of great players like the sides we’ve seen down the years with the likes of Scholes, Carrick, Rooney or Ronaldo. If Scott was in a team with those guys, then maybe you could understand the criticism, but at the moment Man United are getting pelters everywhere.”

However, what sets McTominay apart is his unwavering work ethic and reliability. Strachan praised, “What you can say about a player like Scott is that you know what he will give you every time he steps onto the grass. You can’t question his integrity. You can’t question his work rate or his character. He’s a good teammate.”

The Importance of Character in Modern Football

Both Tierney and McTominay exemplify the importance of character in modern football. Strachan’s analysis underscores that technical skills alone are insufficient; it is the combination of integrity, work ethic, and a team-first mentality that truly distinguishes a player.

For Tierney, this means focusing on his current performance and letting future opportunities come naturally. Strachan’s perspective is clear: “He’s only interested in being a good teammate. He’s only interested in what the manager and players think about him.”

For McTominay, it’s about contributing consistently despite the external pressures and criticisms. “You can have all the technical ability in the world, but it can also be used as propaganda. Who cares what your technique is like if you can’t make the difference in games and that’s what Scott does, he makes the difference in games,” Strachan explained.

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