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Dave Hendrick: Dyche’s Masterplan That Kept Everton Up

Everton’s Struggle and Triumph Under Sean Dyche: An In-Depth Look

Everton Football Club experienced one of the most turbulent seasons in its history, navigating through a maze of point deductions, managerial changes, and fluctuating performances. The Two Footed Podcast, hosted by Dave Hendrick, offers a thorough analysis of this rollercoaster year. In this article, we delve into Everton’s journey, Sean Dyche’s impact, and the critical moments that defined their season.

Everton’s Season: A Story of Resilience

Everton’s season began on a rocky note with just one point from their first five games. Dave Hendrick describes this period as “one of the strangest years any club has ever had in the Premier League.” The club faced significant challenges, including a 10-point deduction for profit and sustainability breaches, later reduced to eight points. Despite these setbacks, Everton managed to finish the season 14 points clear of relegation.

Hendrick highlights Everton’s defensive strength, conceding only 51 goals, making them the fourth best defense in the league. “Liverpool conceded 41, City conceded 34, and Arsenal conceded 29,” he notes, emphasising the defensive resilience that kept them afloat.

Key Moments and Performances

Everton’s ability to bounce back from adversity was evident in several key matches. Hendrick points out their impressive 3-1 victory over Brentford and a series of wins against teams like West Ham and Crystal Palace. However, their struggle to score goals was a persistent issue, with only 40 goals in the league, the second worst attack in the Premier League. Hendrick compares this to Wolves’ previous seasons, highlighting the imbalance between their defensive and offensive capabilities.

Sean Dyche’s arrival brought a significant change in the team’s dynamics. “From there, it’s a Sean Dyche masterclass,” Hendrick states, referring to crucial wins against Nottingham Forest, Liverpool, and Brentford. These victories were pivotal in ensuring Everton’s survival in the Premier League.

Sean Dyche’s Impact and the Road Ahead

Sean Dyche’s managerial skills were instrumental in turning Everton’s fortunes around. Hendrick reflects on Dyche’s influence, noting, “Despite the fact that what Sean Dyche was putting together was a 48-point season, with the points deducted from them, it didn’t feel as positive.” Dyche’s ability to galvanise the team, especially during their four consecutive home wins, was critical in securing their place in the league.

The podcast also addresses the financial mismanagement and poor transfer decisions that have plagued Everton. Hendrick meticulously lists the poorly spent money, amounting to over £340 million since the 2016-2017 season. He criticises the club’s transfer strategy, saying, “Everton’s problems are all of their own making.”


Everton’s season was marked by trials and tribulations, but also by moments of resilience and strategic brilliance under Sean Dyche. As the club looks forward, addressing their financial issues and improving their transfer strategies will be crucial. Dave Hendrick’s analysis on The Two Footed Podcast provides a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and triumphs faced by Everton. The road ahead requires careful planning and execution to ensure that Everton not only survives but thrives in the Premier League.

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