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Report: Premier League Clubs Battle for Le Havre’s Defensive Star

Transfer Interest in Étienne Youté Kinkoué Heats Up

West Ham and Nottingham Forest Eyeing Le Havre’s Defensive Star

According to a report from GetFootballNewsFrance, West Ham United and Nottingham Forest have shown interest in acquiring Le Havre AC’s Étienne Youté Kinkoué (22). As Le Havre face the reality of losing key players this summer, tension brews between the club and manager Luka Elsner. Elsner’s future remains uncertain, with potential interest from Stade de Reims.

Le Havre’s Potential Losses

Le Havre, currently in Ligue 2, are preparing for the possible departure of several key assets, including Youté Kinkoué. The young centre-back, who joined Le Havre in January 2023 from Olympiacos, has caught the attention of multiple clubs. The connection to Nottingham Forest is particularly noteworthy, as the Premier League club’s owners also own Olympiacos, making them familiar with Kinkoué’s capabilities.

Premier League Competition

Nottingham Forest is not alone in their pursuit. West Ham United has also expressed interest, along with another unnamed Premier League club. This potential move highlights Kinkoué’s rising stock in European football, as clubs seek to bolster their defensive lines with young talent.

German Interest and Contract Situation

Adding to the mix, an unnamed German club is also in the race to sign the 22-year-old defender. With Kinkoué’s contract set to expire at the end of next season, Le Havre might be inclined to sell now rather than risk losing him for free.

As the transfer window progresses, it will be interesting to see which club secures Youté Kinkoué’s signature. His next move could significantly impact his career trajectory and the defensive strength of his new team.

Statistical Analysis by EPL Index

Étienne Youté Kinkoué: Performance Data and Stats

Étienne Youté Kinkoué’s performance data, presented by Fbref, reveals a comprehensive analysis of his abilities over the last 365 days, comparing him with other centre-backs. This radar chart, detailing various aspects of his game, showcases his strengths and areas needing improvement.

Defensive Dominance

One standout feature of Kinkoué’s stats is his defensive prowess. His performance in key defensive metrics is exemplary, with particularly high percentiles in clearances (81), blocks (97), and interceptions (97). These statistics underline his effectiveness in breaking up opposition play and protecting his goal. His aerial ability is also notable, with an 81 percentile rank in aerial duels won, indicating his dominance in the air.

Possession and Passing

Kinkoué’s possession and passing stats present a mixed picture. His pass completion rate is relatively low at 14 percentile, which suggests that while he attempts progressive passes (43 percentile), he may struggle with accuracy. However, his willingness to engage in progressive carries (57 percentile) and his involvement in offensive phases, indicated by progressive passes received (57 percentile), highlight his proactive approach in advancing play from the back.

Attacking Contributions

On the attacking front, Kinkoué’s contributions are minimal, which is typical for a centre-back. His statistics in non-penalty expected goals (11 percentile), shots total (11 percentile), and shot-creating actions (2 percentile) show limited offensive output. This is consistent with his primary role as a defender, focusing more on stopping goals than scoring them.

Kinkoué’s profile, as visualised by this Fbref radar chart, provides a detailed insight into his abilities. His defensive capabilities are undoubtedly his strength, making him a valuable asset in shielding the backline. While his passing accuracy might need improvement, his overall contribution to possession and willingness to push the ball forward add a dynamic element to his game.

This comprehensive analysis, powered by statistical data, underscores why clubs like West Ham and Nottingham Forest are keenly interested in securing Étienne Youté Kinkoué’s services.

Credit to Fbref for the performance data and stats.

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