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Napoli Refuse to Sell Kvaratskhelia Despite Transfer Push

Khvicha Kvaratskhelia’s Future in Limbo Amid Napoli Turmoil

Napoli has found itself at the center of a heated controversy surrounding their star winger, Khvicha Kvaratskhelia. The Georgian international, who played a pivotal role in Napoli’s 2022/23 Serie A title win, is now the subject of a transfer saga involving top European clubs like Liverpool and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). Despite his impressive stats of 11 goals and eight assists, Kvaratskhelia could not prevent Napoli from a dismal 10th-place finish last season, igniting speculation about his future with the club.

Napoli’s Stance: Not for Sale

In a strong rebuttal to public comments made by Kvaratskhelia’s agent Mamuka Jugeli and his father Badri, Napoli issued a fiery statement on social media. “In reference to the statements of Kvaratskhelia’s agent and father, Napoli reiterates that the player has a contract for another three years with the club. Kvaratskhelia is not on the market. It is not the agents or fathers who decide the future of a player under contract with Napoli but the Napoli club!!! End of the story.”

This declaration underscores Napoli’s firm stance on retaining Kvaratskhelia, despite external pressures. The club is clearly unwilling to part ways with one of their key assets, who they believe is crucial for their future successes.

Kvaratskhelia’s Camp: Seeking a Move

Conversely, Kvaratskhelia’s agent and father have made it clear that the player desires a move away from Napoli. Speaking on Georgian TV network Imedi, Jugeli expressed their stance: “We want to leave Napoli, but now we’re all waiting for Euro 2024. With [new manager Antonio] Conte, Napoli has big plans. I’m sure they will qualify for the Champions League again next season and fight for the Scudetto. But that doesn’t mean that Kvaratskhelia wants to stay there.”

Jugeli emphasised their ambition to join a Champions League team, stating, “Our goal is [to join a] team that plays in the Champions League. The worst thing is that if he stays here, Khvicha will lose one year because of that… we are worried.”

Kvaratskhelia’s father Badri echoed these sentiments, voicing concerns over the instability at Napoli: “I don’t want Khvicha to stay in Napoli. He worked with four different coaches in one year; this worries me a lot. He will decide for himself, although it’s uncomfortable for me.”

Interest from Liverpool and PSG

Both Liverpool and PSG have been linked with Kvaratskhelia, with PSG reportedly viewing him as a potential replacement for Kylian Mbappe. Renowned football journalist Fabrizio Romano noted that Napoli has already offered a contract extension to Kvaratskhelia in a bid to dissuade interest from these top clubs. However, the player’s camp remains adamant about seeking new opportunities.

What’s Next for Kvaratskhelia?

The situation remains tense as Napoli tries to navigate through this turbulent period. The club’s management is focused on retaining their star, while Kvaratskhelia’s entourage pushes for a move to a Champions League contender. As the Euro 2024 approaches, the decisions made in the coming months will be critical in determining Kvaratskhelia’s career trajectory.

For now, Napoli’s supporters and football enthusiasts worldwide will be closely watching this unfolding drama. Will Kvaratskhelia stay and help Napoli reclaim their former glory, or will he embark on a new journey with one of Europe’s elite clubs? Only time will tell.

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