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Premier League Transfers Update: Branthwaite to Man United, Luiz to Juventus and More

Rising Stars in Premier League Transfers: Branthwaite, Douglas Luiz, Jhon Duran, and Max Beier

Jared Branthwaite: The Next Big Thing?

In the latest episode of the EPL Market Metrics Podcast on EPL Index, Dave Davis and Ben Bocsak dive deep into the transfer buzz surrounding several emerging talents. One of the most intriguing prospects is Jared Branthwaite, the Everton centre-back. As Bocsak pointed out, “Everton are somewhere between £70 to £80 million, the latest bid from United was £43 million including add-ons.” This significant gap highlights the intense negotiations expected in the coming weeks.

Branthwaite’s metrics reveal a mixed bag. “When it comes to success rate, he ranks fourth among centre-backs in the Premier League,” Bocsak noted, though he also pointed out that Branthwaite’s aerial duel success rate “doesn’t actually rank him in the top 10 among centre-backs.” This discrepancy raises questions about whether United will bridge the valuation gap or if Everton will have to adjust their expectations.

Douglas Luiz: The Midfield Dynamo

Douglas Luiz’s situation at Aston Villa is another hot topic. The Brazilian midfielder has been pivotal for Villa, yet financial constraints might force a sale. Davis emphasized the uniqueness of the potential trade, stating, “The whole premise of this deal is crazy. Villa’s FFP PSR issues are well known.”

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Bocsak provided a detailed analysis of Luiz’s performance metrics, noting, “His defensive output is solid, but he’s always been misclassified as a holding midfielder when he’s more of a box-to-box type.” The podcast highlighted the potential inclusion of Weston McKennie in a swap deal, which could soften the blow for Villa. “On paper, this could actually be a decent deal for Villa, especially if two players are involved,” Bocsak suggested, indicating the complexity and potential benefits of such a trade.

Jhon Duran: A Promising Prospect

Jhon Duran’s rise has been meteoric, attracting significant interest from Chelsea. “From £8 million a year ago to £40 million now,” remarked Davis, underscoring the rapid increase in his market value. Despite his potential, there are lingering doubts. “His goal conversion was decent but again, small sample size,” Bocsak cautioned.

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Davis speculated on Chelsea’s strategy, noting their bid for another striker, which could mean second thoughts about Duran. “Chelsea might just be re-evaluating that,” he said, suggesting that while Duran’s talent is undeniable, Chelsea’s final decision might hinge on further internal assessments and market movements.

Max Beier: The German Sensation

Max Beier, the young Hoffenheim forward, has been linked with both Liverpool and Manchester United. Bocsak’s analysis highlighted his strengths and areas for improvement. “He’s very fast and ranked in the top 20 Bundesliga players for top speed,” said Bocsak. However, his slight frame and lack of dribbling attempts raise questions about his readiness for the Premier League.

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Davis echoed these concerns, suggesting a move to a mid-tier club might be more appropriate for Beier at this stage. “United or Liverpool seems almost a step too far for this kid right now,” he remarked, emphasizing the need for a measured approach to his development.


The EPL Market Metrics Podcast provides a comprehensive look at the transfer market dynamics, focusing on the statistical and strategic aspects of potential moves. As the transfer window heats up, the futures of Jared Branthwaite, Douglas Luiz, Jhon Duran, and Max Beier will be closely watched by clubs and fans alike.

Stay tuned to the EPL Index for more updates and in-depth analyses as the transfer window progresses.

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