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What is Plinko and how does it play?

The game of Plinko is a popular game of chance that first appeared on TV before branching out to casinos and arcades. These days, you can also find the game on apps and other online platforms, with plenty of variations on its classic style and gameplay.

Major US gameshow, The Price Is Right, introduced the world to Plinko’s combination of randomness and entertainment factor. But for those of us who didn’t watch the show but still want to play Plinko in the UK, let’s take a closer look at what exactly the game is and how it plays.

The origins of Plinko

As we already mentioned, Plinko first appeared on the popular US gameshow The Price Is Right. The game debuted in January 1983, joining the show’s roster after it had been running for a decade. It quickly became one of the most popular segments, which helped the game to develop its own life away from the show.

Created by executive producer Frank Wayne, the game was inspired by the Japanese game of Pachinko. There are clear similarities between the two, as both see an object dropped down a gameboard lined with pins.

How Plinko plays

The centrepiece of a game of Plinko is the board, which is lined with offset rows of pegs. In a physical game of Plinko, the board will commonly stand around eight feet tall, positioned at a slight incline to slightly slow the descent of the chip.

At the top of the gameboard you’ll find the drop zone, which is where players will drop the flat Plinko chip. Along the bottom of the board are a number of labelled slots, each of which corresponds to a potential prize.

Once the player drops their chip it will bounce off the pins on its way to the bottom of the board, making its path hard to predict or plan. It can also bounce off the sides of the board, which will nudge the chip back towards its downward path.

While players are free to choose where they’ll release the chip from the drop zone there is no way to guarantee which slot it will end up in. Even though the highest value slot is generally in the centre of the board a drop from the centre is just as likely to fall into a different slot.

Plinko varieties

The classic format of Plinko isn’t the only way to play, especially as the game had to adapt to work in a digital version. Some digital varieties still function similarly to a physical Plinko board, with digital graphics and computer algorithms substituting for gravity.

Other varieties of online Plinko take elements of the original game and combine them with additional gameplay elements. One popular take is the fusion of Plinko with Slots, adding an extra degree of randomness to the game.

With its blend of simplicity and random chance, Plinko is a game that’s transcended its gameshow origins to become a popular casino choice. And now you know just a little more about how Plinko works.

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