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Alan McInally: Robertson’s Captaincy Under Scrutiny

Andy Robertson’s Leadership: A Matter of Club Prestige?

In a recent interview with Betfair, former Scottish footballer Alan McInally shared his thoughts on Andy Robertson’s appointment as Scotland captain, his support for Steve Clarke, and the potential of Angus Gunn at Celtic. McInally’s candid opinions provide an insightful look into the current state of Scottish football and its key figures.

The Role of Club Prestige in Captaincy Decisions

Alan McInally’s perspective on Andy Robertson’s captaincy is both thought-provoking and critical. He suggests that Robertson’s position as Scotland captain is largely due to his association with Liverpool. McInally states, “Steve Clarke has gone for ‘Robbo’ for the simple reason that he plays for Liverpool.” He acknowledges Robertson’s impressive tenure at Liverpool but implies that other players, like Scott McTominay or John McGinn, might have been equally suitable choices.

McInally’s view on this issue sheds light on the potential influence of club prestige in national team decisions. He notes, “If you said to Robertson, look, I’m going to give it to McTominay or John McGinn, I think he’d be like, we’re a team here. It’s not all about me.” This statement highlights Robertson’s team-oriented mindset, reinforcing the idea that the captaincy could have been more democratically decided.

Steve Clarke: The Right Man for Scotland?

McInally is unequivocal in his support for Steve Clarke despite Scotland’s early exit from Euro 2024. He firmly believes Clarke should remain at the helm, stating, “I just think Steve Clarke should be given time to reassess himself because that’s the kind of guy Steve is.” McInally argues that Clarke has brought significant success to Scotland after a 24-year drought of major tournament qualifications.

Highlighting Clarke’s achievements, McInally reminds us, “We beat Spain, we went to Norway and got a result. We qualified with two games to go.” Such successes, he argues, should not be overshadowed by a single disappointing tournament performance. McInally’s endorsement of Clarke is grounded in the belief that stability and continuity are crucial for sustained success in international football.

Potential Changes: Angus Gunn to Celtic?

The conversation then shifts to the potential transfer of Angus Gunn to Celtic. With Joe Hart nearing retirement, McInally speculates on Gunn’s suitability as his successor. “Angus Gunn to Celtic? Maybe, maybe, because Joe’s retired now,” McInally remarks. He is, however, cautious in his predictions, noting Gunn’s current contentment at Norwich City.

McInally critiques Gunn’s recent performances, particularly against Germany, but acknowledges his recovery in subsequent matches. “I think he picked up though and I think he recovered against Switzerland and Hungary, for sure.” His assessment underscores the importance of consistency and reliability in goalkeeping, traits that Gunn must continually demonstrate to attract interest from top clubs like Celtic.

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