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Opta Supercomputer Predictions for Euro 2024

Supercomputer Opta has simulated the Euros and predicted that The Three Lions could be in with a chance of winning. England are in a bit of a bad way right now, as fans often find themselves calling for Southgate to be sacked, before going on to say that he is going to bring the trophy home for the team. The Euros are no different, but Opta’s prediction could help to give fans hope. The supercomputer has put England’s chance of winning the semi-finals at 48.2%, with the chances of winning the whole thing at 19.9%.

If you’re a punter, this can be good news, as most simulations rank England as being in with a chance of at least making the finals. Placing your bet now could give you an edge in terms of favourable odds toward the team. With any sport though, things can happen on a whim, and it’s not far-fetched to believe that an upset could be on the cards if a critical mistake is made on the field.

How Accurate are Percentages?

Opta’s predictions are just that, predictions. Although they can give some indication regarding a team’s success, it’s not a guarantee. Percentages are widely used across the betting sector, including within the casino market as a way to give fans an accurate idea of their return. The Adventures Beyond Wonderland slot for example has an RTP rate of 96.58% – 96.82%, with the prediction based on when you think the wheel is going to stop. There are variances here too, such as the dealer who is spinning the wheel, and the force at which it’s done. In Lightning Blackjack, the odds of you getting an ace stand at 8%. However, variances include the person who shuffled the cards and how many people were at the table.

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The same concept applies to Opta’s supercomputer predictions. Although the percentage does put England ahead of other teams, unforeseen variances can influence the outcome of a game. The Opta supercomputer is also running the simulation 10,000 times, whereas, in a real game, the entire outcome is baked into just one game. For this reason, it’s important to take predictions like this at face value, rather than using them as concrete facts.

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France is the Only True Competition

France is seen as being the only true competitor right now. They are the only threat to England, next to Germany, and come out on top in other simulations. Other teams, including Scotland, only have a 1% chance of winning. As the years go by, AI is becoming more advanced and supercomputers are being used more often in an attempt to generate statistics. They are also becoming more accurate than ever before, but just like betting on games, the RTP rate is just an average. OptaJoe, another supercomputer that has been used to predict sports outcomes, saw Liverpool winning the Premier League in 2022-2023, but in reality, they finished in fifth place.

With sport being too chaotic to predict accurately, fans need to rely on their gut instinct when making bets, while predicting future winners in the league.

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