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Former Premier League Player Tips England Star to Win the Ballon d’Or

Exploring Jude Bellingham’s Path to the Ballon d’Or with Euro 2024 in Sight

Football aficionados are no strangers to the weighty expectations placed on young talents, but Jude Bellingham, currently dazzling fans and critics alike, stands apart as a prodigious midfielder whose performances could very well secure him the prestigious Ballon d’Or—if England clinches Euro 2024.

Bellingham’s Brilliance on the Big Stage

Jose Enrique, speaking with Grosvenor Sport, emphasised the significance of Bellingham’s contribution to the England squad. “Jude Bellingham will win the Ballon D’or if England win the Euros,” he stated confidently. The rationale is clear: Bellingham’s Champions League triumph and consistent excellence have set a high benchmark. “That will be a huge motivator for him. I cannot see anybody beating him to it if he wins the Euros because he won the Champions League and has been one of the best players in the world this year. If England can win the Euros then he would be fully deserving of the award,” Enrique elaborated.

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This perspective is not just about potential; it’s grounded in Bellingham’s proven track record and his undeniable influence whenever he steps onto the pitch. His ability to perform under pressure is what sets him apart, suggesting that the larger the stage, the brighter he shines.

Mixed Performances Yet High Hopes

Despite the high stakes, not everything has been smooth sailing for England—or for Bellingham and his teammate Phil Foden. Enrique noted, “Bellingham and Phil Foden are the players who were expected to turn up and do well for England, but they aren’t having the best tournament.” However, he quickly tempered this by highlighting the duo’s capacity to rise to the occasion: “However, when it comes to an important game, these guys will turn up. They have too much quality not to, but I don’t think the style of play is helping.”

This brings to light the tactical approaches taken so far in the tournament. Could it be that the strategic setup is not fully exploiting the talents of these young luminaries? As the competition progresses, tweaking the tactical approach might just unleash their full potential.

Decisive Clash with Slovakia

Looking ahead, England’s upcoming match against Slovakia could be a turning point. Enrique predicts a dominant performance: “Anything could happen in their game against Slovakia given how England have played so far. I do think they will leave their group stage form behind and turn up against Slovakia. I’ll think they’ll win the game 3-0 and make a real statement.”

This prediction not only sets expectations for a resounding win but also serves as a bellwether for England’s tactical evolution in the tournament. A 3-0 victory would not only bolster morale but also serve as a testament to the squad’s ability to adapt and overcome previous shortcomings.

Concluding Thoughts: The Road to Glory

The journey to the Ballon d’Or for Bellingham is emblematic of broader themes in football: potential, pressure, and performance. As Euro 2024 unfolds, the eyes of the world will be on this young talent, watching to see if he can lead England to glory and, in the process, etch his name into the annals of football history.

If Bellingham can maintain his form and elevate his game further in the crucial moments, not only might he lift the coveted trophy with his national team, but he could also walk away with one of football’s highest individual honours—the Ballon d’Or. It’s a lofty goal, but for a player of his calibre, it’s entirely within reach.

This unfolding narrative isn’t just about a young player’s quest for recognition; it’s about the ever-enthralling drama of football where heroes are made, dreams are fulfilled, and legends are born.

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