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Report: Celtic Midfielder on Everton’s Radar

Matt O’Riley: Everton’s Target from Celtic

As the summer transfer window heats up, Everton have set their sights on Celtic midfielder Matt O’Riley. This move has the potential to be a significant boost for the Toffees as they look to strengthen their squad for the upcoming season. The following analysis explores the critical aspects of this potential transfer, as discussed on Toffee TV and other sources.

O’Riley’s Stellar Season with Celtic

Matt O’Riley has been a standout performer for Celtic, playing a crucial role in their Scottish Premiership title win. His performances have not gone unnoticed, with multiple clubs expressing interest. According to reports, Everton is particularly keen on securing his services. O’Riley’s influence at Celtic has been substantial, with Brendan Rodgers praising his “phenomenal contributions” to the team.

Everton’s Pursuit and Financial Hurdles

Everton’s interest in O’Riley comes amidst their financial constraints, which complicate big-money moves. Despite this, the club is determined to bring top talent to avoid another relegation scare. As discussed on Toffee TV, securing O’Riley would be a strategic move to bolster their midfield with quality and creativity. The podcast highlighted that Everton scouted O’Riley during Celtic’s 2-1 victory over Rangers, where he delivered an impressive performance.


Competitive Market for O’Riley

The transfer market is highly competitive for O’Riley, with clubs like Brighton and West Ham also showing interest. During the January transfer window, Atletico Madrid made a significant bid for O’Riley, which Celtic swiftly rejected. This indicates Celtic’s valuation of O’Riley, setting the bar high for any potential transfer. Therefore, Everton faces a challenging task in meeting Celtic’s asking price and convincing O’Riley to join a club outside of European competition.

Potential Impact on Everton

If Everton manages to sign Matt O’Riley, the impact on the squad could be profound. His ability to control the midfield, coupled with his vision and passing accuracy, would provide Everton with much-needed creativity and stability. The Toffee TV hosts emphasized that adding a player of O’Riley’s calibre could help Sean Dyche’s side climb up the Premier League table, potentially avoiding the struggles of the past season.


The pursuit of Matt O’Riley by Everton signifies a strategic attempt to enhance their midfield capabilities. As the discussions on Toffee TV highlight, O’Riley’s transfer to Everton could be a game-changer for the club. However, financial constraints and competition from other clubs present significant hurdles. Everton fans will be eagerly watching how this transfer saga unfolds, hoping for a positive outcome that could herald a new era of success for the club.

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