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Teddy Sheringham: Southgate’s Tough Calls on Kane

Harry Kane’s Role in England’s Euro 2024 Campaign: Perspectives from Teddy Sheringham

When discussing England’s Euro 2024 campaign, Teddy Sheringham offers insightful analysis that both challenges and reinforces existing opinions about the team, especially regarding Harry Kane’s role. His perspectives, shared in an interview with OLBG, provide a nuanced understanding of England’s dynamics on the field.

Harry Kane: Not Undroppable but Indispensable

Sheringham opens by challenging the notion that Harry Kane is undroppable, stating, “I don’t think Harry Kane is undroppable, not at all, but I just feel that he’s probably realised that Ivan Toney and Ollie Watkins are good as well and he’s sometimes given his all.”


This statement underlines a critical point: while Kane is not immune to substitution, his contribution to the team goes beyond scoring goals. Sheringham highlights Kane’s leadership, “He’s a proper leader. He leads by example, game in, game out and you know what you’re going to get from him, he’s captain. It’s as simple as that.” This encapsulates why Kane remains integral to England’s strategy, even if he’s not always on the pitch for the full 90 minutes.

The Tactical Substitutions and Team Dynamics

Addressing the tactical decisions by Gareth Southgate, Sheringham notes the importance of recognising when a player has given their all, even if it means being substituted. He comments, “If you give your all for 60 minutes or 80 minutes that’s good enough. The manager knows what Kane gives the team, it’s not just about being able to score or not.”

Substitutions can sometimes be seen as a slight by players, but Sheringham reassures that it’s part of the game’s strategy. “You don’t want to be subbed off, it’s a slight on you, isn’t it, that you get taken off. Everyone wants to play 90 minutes of every game but that’s just the way it is,” he explains. This pragmatic view highlights the balancing act Southgate must perform to keep his team fresh and effective.

England’s Semi-Final Prospects and Tactical Comparisons

Looking ahead to the semi-final against the Netherlands, Sheringham predicts a tight contest but remains optimistic, “It’s going to be a tight game and it’s a semi-final so you know you’re up against a very good team – but I think England will avoid penalties and nick it by the odd goal. I think 1-0 sounds about right.”

Sheringham draws a parallel between Kane’s current situation and Alan Shearer’s role in Euro 96. “Ivan Toney and Ollie Watkins are both chomping at the bit but with Kane it’s a little bit like Shearer in Euro 96, you know he’s the top man. Given half a chance he’ll come good.” This comparison underscores Kane’s crucial leadership and experience, which are invaluable in high-stakes matches.

Potential Changes and Southgate’s Future

Sheringham also touches on potential lineup changes, suggesting Southgate might revert to Marc Guehi over Ezri Konsa. “Gareth Southgate will go back to Marc Guehi. There isn’t a lot between Guehi and Ezri Konsa but that was his pick from the off and I think he’ll go back to it.”

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Regarding Southgate’s future, Sheringham believes success in the Euros could extend his tenure. “If England win it, Gareth Southgate is going to want to stay on for the World Cup. Why would he not want to stay on and do that? It’s his squad, his team, he’s nurtured them and shown his leadership qualities.”

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