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Can Newcastle Outbid Chelsea and Tottenham for Lille Striker?

Newcastle’s Pursuit of Jonathan David: A Strategic Move for the Magpies

Newcastle United are reportedly turning their attention to Lille striker Jonathan David after unsuccessful attempts to land Dominic Calvert-Lewin. The Magpies, facing competition from Manchester United for Calvert-Lewin, are now exploring other avenues to bolster their attacking options, report Team Talk.

Summer Transfers: Potential High Stakes for Newcastle

Newcastle’s summer transfer window could pivot dramatically based on interest in key players such as Bruno Guimaraes, Anthony Gordon, and Alexander Isak. Retaining these talents is crucial, but if they do leave, sourcing quality replacements will be imperative for maintaining the team’s competitive edge.

Striker Dynamics: Isak vs. Wilson

Alexander Isak has proven to be a prolific scorer, netting 31 goals in 52 Premier League appearances over the past two seasons. His position as the preferred striker is well-earned. However, with Callum Wilson potentially on the move, securing another top-tier striker becomes essential for Newcastle’s strategy. The failure to secure Calvert-Lewin, despite his desire to leave Everton, underscores the challenges Newcastle faces in the transfer market.

Jonathan David: The Next Target

With Calvert-Lewin likely out of reach, Newcastle have shifted focus to Jonathan David. According to transfer insider Ben Jacobs, David is now a prime target for the Magpies. The Canadian forward’s impressive tally of 26 goals in all competitions last season makes him a valuable prospect. Pairing David with Isak, who scored 25 goals, could create a formidable attacking duo, significantly enhancing Newcastle’s offensive capabilities.

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The Competition: Battling Big Clubs for David

Securing Jonathan David won’t be straightforward. Newcastle must outmaneuver other Premier League giants like Chelsea and Tottenham, who also have their sights set on the Lille striker. While these clubs pursue multiple targets, Newcastle must seize any opportunity to finalize a deal for David. Additionally, there is genuine interest in Dominic Solanke, Eddie Howe’s former striker, as a potential alternative.


Newcastle’s summer transfer activities are pivotal for their upcoming season. While the pursuit of Jonathan David is a strategic move, the Magpies must navigate a competitive landscape to secure his signature. With potential departures and the need for strong replacements, Newcastle’s transfer decisions will significantly impact their future performance in the Premier League.

Statistical Analysis by EPL Index: Jonathan David’s Performance Data

Jonathan David’s recent performance data reveals a multi-faceted striker with significant potential. Analysing his statistics from the last 365 days, sourced from Fbref, provides a comprehensive look at his strengths and areas for improvement. This data-driven approach helps to understand why David has become a coveted asset in the transfer market.

Attacking Prowess

David’s attacking metrics are particularly impressive. He ranks in the 78th percentile for shot-creating actions, highlighting his ability to generate scoring opportunities not only for himself but also for his teammates. His non-penalty expected goals (npxG) and expected assisted goals (xAG) are also noteworthy, standing at the 37th and 54th percentiles, respectively. These figures indicate that while he has room to improve his goal conversion, his overall contribution to the attack is significant.

Possession and Passing

David’s performance in possession and passing further illustrates his versatility. He ranks exceptionally high in several key areas: 92nd percentile for pass completion percentage, 89th for progressive passes, and 78th for progressive carries. These stats underline his proficiency in advancing the ball and maintaining possession, making him a critical component in the build-up play. His ability to progress the ball and link up with midfielders ensures that he is not just a traditional striker but a playmaker as well.

Defensive Contributions

While primarily an attacker, David’s defensive contributions should not be overlooked. His percentile ranks in defensive actions such as tackles (93rd), interceptions (50th), and blocks (61st) show that he is willing to contribute defensively. Although his aerial duels won (5th percentile) and clearances (7th percentile) are relatively low, his overall defensive work rate is commendable for a forward.


Jonathan David’s performance data paints the picture of a dynamic forward capable of influencing the game in various ways. His attacking output, combined with his passing and defensive contributions, makes him a well-rounded player. As Newcastle United and other top clubs eye his signature, these stats provide a compelling case for why he could be a game-changer.

Credit to Fbref for the detailed statistical analysis.

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