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Reina compared to Rivals | Liverpool Defence Opta Stat Analysis

Defence Comparison in 2012

We can also compare how the defence has performed whilst Carragher has been in the side. Let’s have a look at some of the stats from Martin Skrtel.

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Skrtel Stats when Starting with Agger
Skrtel stats when starting with Agger
Skrtel Defensive stats when starting with Carragher
Skrtel Stats when starting with Carragher







Scanning both tables quickly there’s a dip in tackle win % when starting with Carra but an increase in both duel percentages. However there is a drop in amount of tackles attempted as well as ten less ground duels however there is one game less played with Carra here. With Agger – Skrtel, on average, attempts 14 tackles/duels per game and with Carragher he attempts 12.8 per game. Not really much of a difference there.

Enrique stats when starting with Agger
Enrique Stats when Starting with Agger
Enrique Stats when playing next to Skrtel
Enrique Stats when playing next to Skrtel


Starting next to Agger – Enrique attempts 14.4 tackles/duels per game whilst next to Skrtel this dips to 11.6 per game. Over a season that would attribute to 114 less tackles/duels per season if Enrique were to start next Skrtel. Maybe he’s not as comfortable? We’ve seen in the last few games where there’s been a little mix up at the back – especially for the Mackie goal for QPR. The numbers probably don’t tell us enough.

Missing Johnson?

Let’s cover all bases whilst we’re at it! Are Liverpool missing Glen Johnson from a defensive aspect? Is that the reason for the slump? Let’s compare Kelly vs Johnson stats.

Glen Johnson Stats for 2012
Glen Johnson Stats for 2012
Kelly Stats since Johnson has been out - 2012
Kelly stats since Johnson absence







From a defensive point of view the answer is – no, Liverpool are not missing Glen Johnson defensively. Martin Kelly, on average, puts in more challenges and definitely wins more duels than Johnson does even though the England #2 seems to be a better tackler! On average Martin Kelly attempts 17.25 tackles/duels per game whilst Johnson attempts 12.17 duels/tackles per game. So as far as the right back is concerned – defensively we’ve been better here – or is Kelly working harder because of Carragher? That’s something we won’t be able to prove until Kelly plays along-side Skrtel for a number of games.

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