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England Player Stats – Accumulated Euro 2012 Opta Stats

Here at EPLIndex.com we’ve spent some time over night collating the stats for you for England’s players over the three games. We’ve covered tackling, shooting, passing and creativity. Let’s take a brief look at the stats.

England Euro 2012 Tackling Stats so far - click to enlarge

As you can see from above John Terry has the highest tackle win percentage for any player of the defenders and only second in the squad for any players that have attempted more than one tackle (Milner tops with 6/6 100%) in the squad and he also has won every single aerial duel as well as having the highest interceptions in the squad too. His inclusion as of this moment has been justified if you look at his performance statistically. Steven Gerrard has attempted the most tackles and won the most tackles in the squad whilst, our very own Everlast punch bag, Scott Parker has the highest blocks in the squad.

England's Euro 2012 Shooting Stats

Wayne Rooney has come into the England side and has immediately had more attempts at goal than anyone apart from Steven Gerrard who ties with him on four attempts. The importance of Rooney comes to the fore here – a striker who finds himself in the right place at the right time and even though he was a little rusty yesterday the time on the pitch will be valuable as he can only improve. On another day he’d have scored more and this isn’t including the chance he had when Gerrard, brilliantly, put him through on goal and Rooney just couldn’t get a shot away and had to turn back to tee up Milner.

Stevie leads the way with seven chances created and although Opta didn’t attribute the assist to Steven for yesterday’s game we’d like to think that he should really get the assist. He’s played a major hand in all three games now and has really been the Captain Fantastic for his side. His presence in the centre alongside Parker is working and you just hope that both players can get plenty of rest before Sunday’s game.

The rest of the squad hasn’t been as creative in fact Stevie contributes to 35% of the creativity of the squad. England really need to see more from the likes of Young and Milner. Whilst both were solid enough yesterday we feel that they didn’t offer enough going forward. Two areas to look at before the Quarter Finals but Roy Hodgson would probably think “If it’s not broke, why fix it?” and you certainly couldn’t argue with him as he’s not only got England through the Group Stages, he’s topped Group D.

 Gerrard has attempted the most passes into the Final Third with 46 passes as shown on the right hand side. Parker is just next but has a better pass accuracy.

The highest pass accuracy in the final third is still Danny Welbeck’s 94%. A very impressive accuracy and he continues to keep the ball well up top and not give it away cheaply. If you compare it to Carroll (although Carroll’s are more flick-ons) you can see why Welbeck is kept in the side, it’s very important to keep the ball up the field and even though it didn’t seem like England did it yesterday Welbeck’s stats speak for themselves. Ashley Young and James Milner also have high percentages of Final Third Pass accuracy stats, although we are still unconvinced with both this tournament.

Wayne Rooney was very rusty yesterday and didn’t keep the ball well in the final third with his pass accuracy at 67%.

Overall passing accuracy is shown on the left and it is again Danny Welbeck who has been the most accurate with 94%. Scott Parker has attempted the most passes with 151 passes whilst Gerrard isn’t far behind on 149. Parker’s accuracy of 88% is very impressive in fact the majority of the first eleven are averaging 80% and above.

The overall pass accuracy for the whole squad is around 83% which is respectable. England have done well so far this tournament to get the results however their performances can improve and hopefully the best is yet to come from this English side, most of which may be playing in their final tournament.

We’ll continue to keep a track on England stats so stay tuned on Monday for more from us and look out for Luke O’Farrell’s in-depth review of the game over the next day or so.

Please feel free to leave any comments below on how you feel England have done and where they could improve in the Quarter Finals!

All stats via the excellent FourFourTwo StatsZone iPhone App.

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