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Liverpool 1 Manchester United 2 | Goals & Match Analysis

A Liverpool Vs Manchester United derby has always created an interesting game and this game was just that. Liverpool however dominated the game for long periods creating more chances than Manchester United throughout.

Line Ups:

1st Half:

Both teams had chances but it was Liverpool that had the majority. Young Raheem Sterling is a shining light in this Liverpool side, full of confidence wanting to run at players and combining with Suarez well. This happened a few times in the first half as he caused Evra problems. Suarez’s movement is always a handful as he checks short and peels into space behind defenders always looking to make runs in behind from passes from wide or from Gerrard. He is an intelligent player that creates so much with his movement creating space for himself or others.

The Sending Off | Liverpool down to 10 men

It was a bad mistake by JonJo Shelvey to lunge in on Jonny Evans as he had a ‘rush of blood to the head’. Yes the ball was there to be won but he didn’t need to lunge in as he merely just needed to stay on his feet. Yes both went with both feet but Shelvey’s dramatic lunge got him sent off. Right decision!

2nd Half

Liverpools Goal

Liverpool goal was a piece of great overlapping movement from Johnson and Suso but also bad defending from Manchester United. Johnson and Suso worked it well down the left and play a ball into the box. To get the cross in Scholes made it very easy for Suso by diving in (typical Scholes challenge). As Suso was driving at Scholes, Gerrard was driving into the box with Carrick Tracking his run. The ball was deflected into the box into Gerrard after Johnson’s run. As this was happening Carrick pushes up and leaves Gerrard with too much space and time to finish. Carrick went too early and should have denied Gerrad the space. Because he pushes up he is now the wrong side and consequently watches Gerrard chest and volley into the bottom right hand corner.

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