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Premier League’s Top Goal Scorers | Shots Per Goal Analysis

One of the favourite comparisons on the site is between strikers in the Premier League. One stat that we haven’t yet implemented onto our Stats Centre, is the the Shots per Goal stat. This statistic shows how effective strikers are in the Premier League with the less shots per goal the better.

The table below shows strikers with 5 goals or more so far in the Premier League and you are able to sort the columns below by clicking on them. The best shots per goal stat in the Premier League so far is, surprisingly from Theo Walcott who averages 3.2 shots per goal. As you can see the best mins per goal stat is from Manchester United’s Javier Hernandez who is scoring a goal every 78 mins with Edin Dzeko second on 96 mins – both players used sparingly so far this season but highly effective in front of goal.

[table id=134 /]

The graph below (click to enlarge) gives you a better visual of the players who are taking a lot of shots to score goals. Whilst Luis Suarez has had a brilliant season he is attempting 7.2 shots per goal – which is just more than double of Steven Fletcher’s value of 3.57 shots per goal.

The average for the Top 27 players show above is 4.99 shots per goal – so any player below that mark can be called effective for their team whilst those above it are taking a few too many shots to score and maybe should try to add a little composure to their game. There are a fair few beneath the line with Michu being extremely effective as he’s the joint top scorer in the league. Saying that Robin van Persie can also be classed as effective whereas Rooney’s value is just above the average.

A short article today but if any of you wish to use the data and produce any larger pieces of analysis and wish for it to be published on – just get in touch with us via the Contact Us page and we’ll review your article!

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