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Creativity Stats | Premier League’s Top Clear Cut Chance Creators

So what is a clear cut chance?

[quote]A situation where a player should reasonably be expected to score usually in a one-on-one scenario or from very close range.[/quote]

I’d like to call them “sitters” because it’s an easier way of describing it to the football fan out there. A free header, a one-on-one, a penalty – basically any free shot on goal for a player who is un-marked and only has the keeper to beat. We will also be looking at the strikers/midfielders finishing these chances but for today’s stats special (we have a few of these leading up to Christmas which started yesterday with the Striker shots per goal stats article) we will look at the players who create these.

The table below can be sorted by clicking on the columns. If you wish to use the data below please do link back or credit EPLIndex.com.

[table id=135 /]

A better way to look at this is to check out the graphics below. We’ve created a couple of Radar Charts to show the difference in Total Created Chances and the creation of Clear Cut chances. Whilst Leighton Baines and Santiago Cazorla are the top creators of total chances in the Premier League which players are creating a higher proportion of clear-cut chances?

The answer is in the 2nd Radar chart below where over 50% of Anthony Pilkington’s chances are Clear Cut chances – an amazing return really. Jose Enrique and Peter Odemwingie also impress here.

No clear correlation in the Radar Charts show that the Total Chance creation metric may be a little misleading – surely the clear cut chance creation is what is important and a metric that clearly defines a “real” scoring opportunity.

The numbers are all above ready for you to sort and I believe the Radar Charts are pretty self-explanatory – whilst total chance creation will be used in football metrics heavily I think it’s time bloggers and analysts started to use the clear cut chance metric a lot more in relation to creativity and finishing.

We will be looking at clear-cut chance conversion over the Christmas period so stay tuned and please do share this article!

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