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Old v New | Torres | A Breakdown

Fernando Torres transferred to Liverpool Football Club in 2007 from Atletico Madrid. A promising young starlet, Liverpool signed him for around £20M that year. In his first year for LFC, the 2007/2008 year Fernando Torres made a total of 41 club appearances including 29 EPL appearances, 11 UCL appearances and 1 FA Cup appearance. In all these appearances, Torres scored 31 goals, 24 of those in the Premiership, and tallied up 4 assists, 3 of those also in the Premiership. In the Premier League on 93 shots, Fernando Torres posted 57 of those on target, a rate of 61%. That year, Fernando Torres won the hearts of many LFC supporters and would continue to do that the next years at the club.

In the 2008/2009 campaign, Torres made 20 league appearances in a total of 30 appearances including the FA Cup, Carling Cup, UCL, and Premiership. Torres scored 17 goals that year, 14 in the league and tallied up 5 assists for LFC, continuing to show what he was really made of. Unfortunately however, injuries plagued Torres and he didn’t make as many appearances as he could have.

It was the 2009/10 campaign though that Liverpool supporters really began to enjoy the lad. Torres scored a few wonder goals and despite injury, appeared 26 times for LFC (20 times in the Premiership) and scored 18 goals, all of which were in the EPL. Torres continued to add assists to his tally as well, racking up 3 that year. However, injury got to Torres again and with the loss of a few key LFC players, most notably the likes of Xabi Alonso, Torres’s form went down and LFC would not qualify for the UCL the next year after failing to finish in the top 4.

It was also in that campaign that the Fernando Torres that LFC fans grew to love started to lose some of his form. In the 2010/11 campaign, Torres made 22 EPL appearances for Liverpool, scoring just 9 goals and assisting 2 goals. These figures were clearly not what LFC supporters wanted, which only pushed Torres to make the decision to leave for Chelsea.

Torres Stats Vs SCFC

In the January transfer window of 2011, Fernando Torres was sold for a British transfer record of £50M. While Torres was struggling, many Chelsea supporters and clearly Roman Abramovich felt that Torres was a good move for the club at the stage, and so the Torres drama had ended with him bashing LFC and heading off to “greener pastures.” The rest of that year, however, did not contain the “greener pastures” that Torres would have been looking for. In the 8 appearances and 762 minutes that Torres played for Chelsea, he scored a single goal, with 22 shots taken and only 5 on target. This made everyone beg the question: What happened to the old Fernando Torres?
Was it injury? Was it pressure? Was it his surroundings? Or was it a sheer lack of motivation? No one can answer that question besides Torres himself. The fact of the matter is though, the old Fernando Torres is a man that is gone and has yet to return.

The opener of the 2011/12 season for Chelsea FC saw them away at the Britannia playing Stoke City. Torres failed to impress in the goalless draw. However, there were certainly signs that a more focused and a more energetic Torres had come to play. Despite the stats all looking poor against him, Fernando Torres came to play. Will the old Torres ever return? That question will never be answered by anyone other than Torres. Is he worth £50M? Not at this point. But can Torres prove what he’s actually worth this year? If he stays healthy, expect a Torres that is ready to play, score, and win.

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