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The EPLIndex Tactics Board: Draw your own tactics – squads since 08/09!

The team at are proud to bring a brand new feature on the website: The Tactics Board. A totally FREE feature for all bloggers or tacticians that wish to share their tactics with an easy to use tactics board. The tactics board uses drag and drop functionality making it very easy to place players anywhere on the pitch. Here are a few of the features from the EPL Index Tactics Board followed by some screenshots of the web application.

[box_light]NOTE: The EPL Index Tactics Board is best used in modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari. It is incompatible with the older Internet Explorer browsers.[/box_light]

1. Select squads from 2008/09 onwards

The Tactics Board allows you to choose a season from 2008/09 onwards and then select any team that has played in that particular year. All of the squads will appear for you to choose your first eleven. We’ll be adding a feature soon where you can manually add a player if you wish too. This will be available in the next few weeks.

Tactics Board 1

TB-Select Team-Players

2. Drag and Drop functionality to move players

The Tactics Board allows you to easily drag the eleven players you have chosen and to place them on the pitch in their respective positions.

Place Players & Select Team

The season you’ve selected is clearly labelled in the top left corner for the home team and the top right for the away team. This allows bloggers to also compare the same team’s first eleven players with a choice of five seasons of first team squads.

Squad Years - Player position

Can compare different squads


3. Draw lines and display tactics on the pitch

The tactics board gives you the ability to draw free hand, circles, dashed lines, straight lines, straight lined arrows and dashed line arrows. There is also a choice of five colours, red, blue, yellow, white and black. The image below shows how you can show one team with their tactics on the pitch. A ball is also available in options for drawing on the pitch.

Tactics Board Toolbar


Everton Tactics

4. Undo and Reset Option

When you are drawing on the pitch you can undo your last action or continue to click the UNDO button to keep going back and undo further changes. Clicking the RESET button will remove all drawings but the players will remain on the pitch.

Tactics Board Toolbar


5. Social Sharing

The toolbar shown above has three buttons which allow you to download or share your tactics. The first is the download button which opens a new browser with your image. You can click right click and save as on this image to save this to your hard drive. Alternatively you can share the your tactical creation on Facebook or Twitter!

To conclude The EPL Index Tactics Board is a very simple tool for bloggers to use to create their formations/tactics very easily. We hope you’ll use the Free tool from our website. You can find the Tactics Board here:

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