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EPL Index Tactics Board Update – Eraser tool & Add Manual Player added

Last week we launched our brand new FREE tool called the EPL Index Tactics Board – full details here: EPL Index Tactics Board Launched. It allows you to predicted teams or to showcase your tactics for the teams you support in the Premier League. The squads available are from 2008/09 and it’s very simple and easy to select your players.

[box_light]NOTE: The EPL Index Tactics Board is best used in modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari. It is incompatible with the older Internet Explorer browsers.[/box_light]

For those of you that have already used it we have added two interesting features – add a player manually (so one that is not on the list) and the Eraser Tool.

Add a Player Manually on the EPL Index Tactics Board

This is going to be a very handy feature for those of you that wish to add historic players or wish to add players that the teams you support “could” be purchasing in the future. It’s a very interesting way of showcasing tactics of yesteryear or how things could work with future players.

TacticsBoard - Add Player Manually

Once you select the add new function the following screen is displayed which allows you to add a player number (max 2 digits) and then first name and last name’s too. You can add a space in each field if you wish for the player to have no names or no number on the icon. We’ll show an example below.

TacticsBoard - Add Player Manually 2

Once added the player appears in the list for you to select:

TacticsBoard - Player added

Examples are below of how the manually added players will appear if you add a full name, just shirt number or just spaces in the fields. This can come in handy for some of the tactical guru’s out there that are not after using player names and just want buttons on the pitch to set out tactics.

Name - No Name Icons

The EPL Index Tactics Board Eraser Tool

A very simple tool to use – just draw any line as shown below.

TacticsBoard Eraser Tool 1

Click on the new eraser icon that appears in the toolbar and erase any part of the line out as shown below. This was specifically requested by some of our @EPLIndex Twitter account followers as they didn’t want to rely on the Undo button too much and wanted to erase lines that they had created at the start. Well we’ve added it now so enjoy!

TacticsBoard Eraser Tool 2

The eraser tool appears in the toolbar in-between the pencil too and the draw circle tool!


TacticsBoard - New Toolbar

More features are to be added and we’re looking to expand the Tactics Board so keep tuned in for that development. So if you’ve got this and all the way to the end of the article – why not try the web app for FREE: https://www.eplindex.com/tacticsboard/


EPLIndex Tactics Board

Squad Years - Player positionHave you tried our EPLIndex Tactics Board?

A FREE tool for tacticians and bloggers!

No need to type names – drag & drop players from squads since 08/09.

More info in our blog: The Tactics Board

Or just try out the tactics board for yourself: https://www.eplindex.com/tacticsboard/


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