Ivanovic admits desire for Mourinho return | Jose Win percentages

Ivanovic admits desire for Mourinho return | Jose Win percentages

Chelsea star Branislav Ivanovic has admitted that he and his fellow team mates are hoping to welcome the return of the Special One.

In his post-match press conference last night, when asked if he would still be the manager of Real Madrid next season, Jose Mourinho said “maybe not”, further adding, “I want to be where people love me.”

Like so many others today, Ivanovic believed the former blues manager was alluding to Stamford Bridge. and in speaking to the Daily Mail, he revealed, “Everyone who loves Chelsea is hoping Mourinho will return.” The Serbian defender was keen to stress that neither he nor any of his team mates had any inside knowledge on the matter, adding, “As players we don’t have any confirmed information that he would return. But we would all like it to happen because he is one of the best coaches in the world.”

Mourinho had a 67% win percentage while at Chelsea, during which he won six trophies, including two Premier League titles, as well as preventing Chelsea from suffering any home defeats in the league. “He is immensely respected by all for what he has done for the club,” Ivanovic said.

Despite having a 72.67% win percentage during his time in Madrid, the defender is sure that Mourinho will lead Chelsea back to title success. “With him we can be stronger as a club. It would add another dimension to Chelsea, and it would be sure to help us become one of the main contenders for the title,” he said.

On a different note, Ivanovic spoke out about the incident in last week’s game against Liverpool when he was bitten by Luis Suarez. “When it happened I was surprised and angry,” he said. However, he was keen to stress that Suarez had said sorry and that he accepted the Uruguayan’s apology, saying, “After the game I calmed down, and all was forgotten. We spoke on the phone, I accepted the apology, the police did not press charges.”