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Possession without the Edge | Swansea vs Wigan Athletic

The Liberty Stadium opened its doors to the Premier League with the visit of Wigan Athletic on a grim (Weather wise) but nevertheless

Swansea City In Action at the Liberty

enthralling day.  Possession, A Penalty and a consequent save can sum up the main headlines of the game but that statistics provide an insightful look into Swansea’s attack.

Monday night saw a Swansea that for the first thirty minutes seemed confident in possession, however as the game went on, that possession though still 57.3% in Swansea’s favour was concentrated more in their own half.

Swansea contributed a 64.3% possession advantage over Wigan Athletic, and yet in a small ten minute spell Wigan could have been two goals up. Swansea also contributed more shots on goal (4-3) and more shots overall (12-9). A factor in this must be the fluidity that Swansea City plays with, and the fact their pass success rate was 86% (compared to Wigan’s 78%).

So where do Swansea create? What do Swansea need to be more dangerous at? Swansea was judged to have created 7 chances in which they produced their 12 shots from (multiple shots and so on), all of which came from open play. This follows a similar pattern from Monday night in which of the 7 they created only one came from a set piece. What is surprising is that Swansea had 7 corners against Wigan and created absolutely nothing from them, it is something Rodgers team needs to be more potent at as West Bromwich Albion found to their cost for several years scrappy goals are as good as eye catching ones.

Graham - Due a Goal

The Strikers

So to focus on the strikers and firstly Danny Graham, who almost scored 2 minutes in with a guilt edge chance which he shot straight at the goalkeeper from around 8 yards out.

Graham would go on to make only one further contribution which was off target, his prowess in front of goal last season would suggest that Graham scores on average for every 2.16 shots on target he contributes, having also contributed a shot on target at Manchester City on Monday night he is due to score with his next one.

Meanwhile Scott Sinclair the man who I focused on heavily in an earlier article, carved out and proceeded to miss 3 chances which all were wide of the target, which is slightly unlike Scott Sinclair who last season would be more successful at putting them on target than off, with an off target shot every 1.2 shots.

Though Graham and Sinclair seemed to struggle, players such as Dyer who were of paramount importance in creating assists in the previous season seem still reliable with the creation of 2 chances from open play against Wigan.

Brendan Rodgers - Confidence Builder?

It is unlikely that crossing will factor too heavily in goal scoring for Swansea, though Danny Graham may disagree, most of what Swansea produce is along the ground and down the flanks and cutting in.

 So what do Swansea City need to do?

Well intriguing enough Swansea had 6 shots from inside the box, all of which were taken from outside the 6 yard box, of those only 1 shot was saved, the other 6 were off target.

From outside the box the figures are a lot more promising, 3 shots were saved, 3 shots off target and 1 was blocked.

Swansea City need far more composure in the box, this six pointer ended a point a piece for Rodgers men that will be so far so good, but with a bit more confidence it can be easily be three.

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